What does Blogging Gals do for bloggers?

The Blogging Gals community enables bloggers to share content via our twitter page using a re-tweet service for posts to be seen on a wider scale. 

How do you pick up on tweets?  

Using the #BloggingGals hashtag we select up to 15 tweets per hour, meaning we cannot possibly re-tweet each and every tweet sent to us. However, by using hashtags such as #BloggingGals, #bbloggers, #fbloggers etc - naturally you will be able to reach a wider audience. 

Why aren't my posts being re-tweeted? 

As mentioned previously it is not possible for us to re-tweet every single tweet sent to us (we don't want to become one of those spammy accounts), so for this we do apologise in advance. 

Will you promote my blog in a tweet? 

We do not 'shout out' bloggers specifically, but you are more than welcome to use our hashtag. 

Is Blogging Gals for female bloggers only? 

Our community was set up to empower female bloggers all over the world however we welcome all bloggers!

What does Blogging Gals do for companies? 

The opportunities are endless but we are known to: 

* Help companies with blogger outreach 
* Organise guest-lists for events 
* Host events alongside companies 
* Organise competitions 
* Host Twitter focused chats 

& much more! Get in touch today pr@blogginggals.com to discuss what we can do for you.

What kind of features do you run? 

We tend to focus on the following areas: 

* Beauty 
* Home/Lifestyle 
* Fashion
* TV/entertainment
* Health/fitness 
* Technology/Digital  

Please email pr@blogginggals.com If you're interested in a feature/interview for a client.

We'd love to invite you to an event, will you come?

Please send more information to pr@blogginggals.com


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