Blogging Gals was founded in early 2014 by a group of bloggers who wanted to make a change in the bloggersphere by bringing bloggers alike together to form a sisterhood. These bloggers would share each other's content, go to events together and support one another in their blogging journeys. For years, Blogging Gals had been running this way despite many thinking we were a big corporate company - go us (haha).

Today, Blogging Gals is in a different space but we still believe in the same things as we did back then. We want this platform to provide support and the ability to elevate each one of you in your blogging journeys, whether that be professionally or just a bit of fun.

Head over to our FAQ page to find out about how we operate & our Opportunities page for all the cool things happening at Blogging Gals!

A big thank you to: Vanessa, Shanice, Monika, Bianca, Saffron, Renee, Bonita, Karishma, Jasmine, Fiona & Beth & Jodie! Without you girls Blogging Gals wouldn't be what it is today (sorry if we've missed anyone out).

Credits: Photography -  Stephanie High, Models: Prinny, Brianna, Nikita & Mel