Our Journey

The Blogging Gals Journey

Wow, it's been 4 years since we first launched Blogging Gals and what a roller coaster it's been. From an idea between a few university friends to a global community some years later, Blogging Gals has grown so much thanks to people like you. Here's a little timeline of our progress:

2014 - Blogging Gals was BORN

2015 - The #BloggingGals hashtag, website launch & party (who remembers this night? haha)

2016 - Voted Top 10 for Best Use of Social Media in Cosmo's Influencer Awards

2017 - We had a great year running the community with a fabulous group of go-getters, but decided to put a pause on Blogging Gals to plan better for the future

2018 - The re-launch, re-brand & so much more. 2018 is the year of the #BloggingGals

In the past, we've focused on being just an "online community", but we're ready to bring so many new changes in addition to what we already have. We'll be doing more meetups (we know you guys love these), events in collaboration with other brands (look out for these) and much more that we've got to keep quiet about for now.

We're honestly truly humbled by the support from you gals globally, and can't wait to take you on this incredible ride with us this year!