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Tips To Help You Grow As A Blogger

Here at Blogging Gals, we believe it's very important for you as bloggers to be provided with up to date information on what's what in the Bloggersphere. As much as you support us, we want to support you and so have written this article to help aid your blog's success.

So let's get started!

How To Stand Out As a Blogger

There are so many bloggers out there at the minute, so take a minute to ask yourself; "What makes me different to the rest?" Of course there will be many of you who create content around the same topics, but how differently do you execute yours to the rest? Here, we provide some tips on how to stand out as a blogger:

First of all, your content should always be a reflection of you, speaking from experience, this is the best way to build an audience that are loyal. Think about what you are writing, does it provide real value to your readers and/or potential readers? Will your content be relevant for years to come?

Social Media
Our best tips for your social media accounts:

* Keep content cohesive - your content across all channels should interlink e.g. you should be sending out the same message to your audience via your instagram, blog, youtube, twitter etc (obviously you would need to tailor-make content to each channel, but the overall message should be the same).

* You don't have to stick to a theme - They look pretty but will this throw your consistency game off? Think long and hard about instagram themes before getting into them.

* Self promotion - shamelessly promote yourself because why tf not? If you don't support you who else will? Remember, you're your biggest fan. Twitter is one of the best platforms for blog promotion as it's the easiest to share links in real-time. Just remember not to spam your followers with the same tweets/posts all day. This could harm your brand! Don't forget to use relevant hashtags such as #BloggingGals.

* Contact details - This is a point we always stress when doing posts like these. Analyse all of your social medias, how easy is it to get in touch with your brand? There's been times where we've wanted to work with bloggers but due to no contact info on their pages, we've had to pass on the opportunity. Don't be that blogger. Update all of your social bios & about pages including your email.

Media Kit 
Another important point is having a Media Kit for your "brand". If you don't know what that is, think a CV for bloggers. This is a great way for brands to get to know what you're about, see your statistics and of course your achievements. Media Kits are also good for you as a blogger as you're able to track all your progress and achievements.

Cross Promotion
A fun way of growing as a blogger these days is to work with other bloggers. These could be bloggers who film/write about the same things as you, or not... It's totally up to you. Collaborating with each other on blog posts/videos, tagging each other on social media, posting pics/stories together is a great way to reach an even wider audience. One thing we believe at Blogging Gals, is that collaboration is key, without it, Blogging Gals wouldn't be here today.