Friday, 10 March 2017

So...? Body Mists Review

Blogging Gals review the brand new body mists from So...?

SO...? may bring back some school memories for you, It was most likely a must have in your school bag and would definitely make you feel like you have slayed your whole school year. Well, So...? have grown up and come back to launch their brand new Body Mists. Their new fragrances come in 6 new scents and range from Green Tea to Vanilla Milkshake and everything in between.

I have been testing out four of these body mists over the last few weeks and what I loved instantly was the packaging. The bottles are small and compact, so easy to throw into your handbag but still with enough product for your money. I love the fruity and floral designs which is unique to each of the scents.

My favourite is definitely Vanilla milkshake, there is something nostalgic about these scents that remind me of sitting in a park on a hot summers day and eating all the ice cream. I'm sure these will bring back some nostalgic memories for most of you too. Each scent is unique and range from fruity to musky scents but they are all still quite delicate and subtle.

The formula is very light and refreshing and the scent doesn't wear off very quickly which is great, nor is any of the scents over-bearing. It's hard to find a body mist that actually sticks around and you don't have to top up every five minutes.

If you loved SO...? back in the day you will definitely love them even more now. You can pick up the 10 variations of body mists in Superdrug or Boots now for £3.99.

So..? Will you be picking these up?

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