Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Joan Collins & Pauline Collins 'The Time of Their Lives' Movie Release

The must-see film this Mother's day 'The Time of Their Lives' is set to hit cinema screens on March 10th, so if you're yet to make plans with your Mother/loved one, grab a cuppa and read our mini-review.

We had the opportunity to preview the movie before it's official release and boy oh boy were we in hysterics! The Time of Their Lives sees stunning Dame Joan Collins playing a former Hollywood actress (Helen), escape her retirement home setting off to France, in the attempt to gate-crash her ex-husbands funeral. With the help of Pauline Collins who plays a unhappy housewife (Priscilla), the twosome embark on an unforgettable road trip that tests friendship and loyalty.

Along the way they meet a charming Italian painter named Alberto who falls for one of the ladies before a semi-tragic but hilarious ending. You'll have to see it for yourself!

#TTOTL will have you laughing, gasping and almost crying at certain points! Not to forget Joans' incomparable style and beauty, where in the movie she features her own line of makeup (wearing her renowned lippies)!

Joan wears a selection of her own lipsticks which can be purchased here and via QVC

Let us know what you have planned for Mother's day, we'd love to hear!

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