Thursday, 12 January 2017

How To Start 2017 On a Positive Note

It's Time To Start 2017 On a Positive Note...

Cheers to new beginnings: tips on how to start 2017
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Can you believe the year is over and 2017 is no longer around the corner? I am so excited about the New Year and what it has to bring. This time of year seems to send us all a boost; we start setting New Year’s resolutions, feel happier and start to tie up those loose ends ready to take the year by storm. But before you jump head first into 2017, there’s a few things I would like to suggest you do to ensure you start the year on a positive note. 

1.// Out With The Old
It’s time to 'clear out, not 'clean up'. This is the perfect time of year to have a physical and mental clear out. Start off by having a wardrobe clear out. Anything that you don’t wear, can’t remember buying or just don’t need any more bag it up and get rid of it. Don't just throw your items in the bin, take them to a charity shop, list them on Ebay/Depop or give your items to a friend or family member. Next it's time to have a mental clear out, clean out your email and social media inbox/junk folders, delete telephone numbers you no longer need or do what I did and change your number completely. There is no point bringing old relationship, baggage or junk into the New Year, so go on get rid of it asap. create space for new things to come.

2. // Get Organised
Right, its time to buy yourself a diary or planner and start organising your life, there's no time for procrastination at all (learn how to stop procrastinating here). I advise you treat yourself to something fancy, go wild and buy something you are going to love filling up. Start off by writing down any dates you know are confirmed for the new year. Next write a bucket list and actions of how you will bring those dreams to life. Then set some goals and pencil in adventures you intend to experience this year. 2017 is your year to get things done so start as you mean to go on. However, be realistic with what you want your year to encompass, riding on an elephant through a shopping mall isn't necessarily feasible but get creative and be confident and bold enough to make it happen.

3.// Be Open
You have no idea what’s to come, but its going to be amazing. Its that time when you need to push fear aside and do what you’ve been putting off for so long. The time is most definitely now. Opportunities are out there you just need to be open and willing to receive them. Set yourself a different focus for each month of the year and work towards it. 2017 is the year to be open,be prepared to do new things if you want things to pan out differently.

4.// Have Fun
As they say all work and no play, I'm pretty sure you can finish off the sentence. Well enough of the working yourself ragged, I challenge you to try something new each month for the entire year of 2017 and see how amazing you feel this time next year. 

Commit to making it happen and do it, its as simple as that. There are loads of things to do in the world and with the click of a button you can discover amazing adventures to enjoy. Be open minded with your choices of activities and ultimately have fun, laughter and make amazing memories. Spend quality time with your loved ones and enjoy good old fashioned fun.

What are you doing to ensure 2017 starts with a bang? Comment below I'd love to hear about all your amazing goals and plans. Just don’t forget to action them and work on making your dreams come true.

Sade Stephens
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