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Panasonic ES-WH90 IPL Hair Removal System Review

Flatlay Of The Panasonic ES-WH90 IPL Hair Removal System

I'm so excited to bring this post to you guys as I've never really had any hair-removal treatments, I've always been the type to shave and have been doing so ever since I was in secondary school. :O More recently, I've been feeling like shaving constantly is finally taking a toll on my skin, where I often have shaving bumps (around the bikini line + armpit) and can only imagine it getting worse as I grow older.

When I received the opportunity to review the Panasonic ES-WH90 for Blogging Gals, I jumped at the chance cause I mean I really don't have the time to be shaving all winter. Although you do still need to shave in between IPL treatments, the system reduces hair growth meaning you don't have to shave as much.

My skin is more prone to dryness and spots during the season, so this couldn't have come at a better time. I have to admit, since I haven't used any other hair removal methods other than shaving, I was a bit sceptical and scared at first. The thought of any intense pulse light touching my skin was really terrifying to me but as I wanted to see results, I had to give it a go.

What is IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, these treatments are usually preformed in salons but are becoming increasingly popular at home too with devices such as the Pansonic ES-WH90. The intensity of the at home devices are no where near as powerful as salon machines, hence why you have to keep using the device fortnightly (read here for frequency info) and obviously cost much less.

Directions For Use... 

First of all, you want to make sure that your IPL system is charged this takes about 3 hours giving up to 600 flashes per charge. Next, ensure the treatment area is fully shaved and free of any shaving gels, lotions, oils etc (these things can ruin the light guide which may become difficult to clean). Personally, I prefer to shower and remove hair this way instead of doing so outside of the bath. Areas you can treat; legs, arms, face, and bikini are. I'd recommend starting off with treating your legs or arms as they are a lot less sensitive in comparison to the other two.

After these steps have been completed, you can now move on to treating the skin...

As it was my first time using this system, it's recommended that on your first use you set the output to level 1 and flash the treatment area once. I followed these steps on each leg which took me about 10 minutes to treat. As mentioned previously, I was a bit terrified at first but after the first flash, my mind was put at ease. There was no pain whatsoever or immediate redness even after 2 days, meaning that I could continue to use the IPL system and increase the output levels each treatment at a time without any problems.

Once your session is done you just need to "cool" the skin using a very cold cloth soaked in water and moisturise the skin with your favourite lotion. Voila, as simple as that! My legs felt even smoother to when I had just shaved.

Some tips...

* If like me you're sensitive to light (I'm epileptic) wear sunglasses to protect the eyes (Although the light is quite bright, I had no side-effects from the flashes)

* Do not use the system on broken/infected skin

* Depending on the individual/skin type, the system can cause irritation, in case of injury please consult a dermatologist

* You may smell a slight burning smell during usage, this is perfectly normal.

Where Can I Purchase The ES-2H90 IPL Hair Removal System?

This device retails at £349.99-399.99 however is on sale at argos for £299.99 here (as of December 2016). This definitely is a great Christmas gift, with men being able to use as well (just not on beards).


Overall, I think this is a handy little device which has been made easy to use with Panasonic's ergonomic design and lightweight body. Instructions are simple to follow, and I feel that I could start seeing some serious results over the next few months. The hair does continue to grow of course as it would normally in the first few weeks, so I'll be sure to update this post after three months and give you some more feedback on how it's all going. By then I hope to see less hair growing on my legs, and will start using this under the arms too.

Thanks to the Panasonic team for kindly sending this device for me to review at Blogging Gals.

Zeena Xena

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