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4 Free Amazing Blogging Apps You Need In 2017

Blogging Apps To Take You Into 2017...

Blogging Gals Talk Apps You'll Need In 2017 To Take Your Blog Forward Into The New Year
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Is blogging more/improving your content on the goals list for next year? Yeah, me too. 2016 has been one EPIC year of content creation, however I could be doing better. I feel like as with everything else, this year was more about learning and figuring things out. I've found what works best for me in terms of blogging and being an "influencer" and look forward to my journey and growing as a person in the new year.

Right so, I thought it'd be a good idea to shed some light on apps that I have tried/heard about and constantly use. These apps vary from photo editing, scheduling to making SHMONEYYY! I hope you find them of some use to you personally and perhaps for your brand/business also...

1. // Snapseed
I was recently introduced to this app by a friend and fell in love instantly. Ever take photos on a white background of yourself/products but find the photos come grey-ish (especially around this time of year)? I had this problem too, until I started to use Snapseed. The app allows you to edit photos professionally with a few clicks. I use the exposure/dodge & burn tool (found under brushes), to edit my backgrounds, helping to get them crisp white.

There are also other features on the app such as filters and other photo-enhancing tools.

Price: Free

Link - Available on Android & Apple!

2. // Collective by Popsugar (Powered by ShopStyle)
Want to earn a few extra bucks sharing the products you love? This app offers just that! ShopStyle Collective is a "global monetization platform for fashion & lifestyle influencers". The app allows you to drive direct traffic/sales to websites you'd normally shop from, earning a commission on clicks and sales. This is done by including affiliate links within your blog posts (such as wish lists), tweets (works best for me) and other social medias. If you're new to affiliate marketing, I'd definitely recommend you do some more in-depth research on this service especially and sign up!

Price: Free

Link - here

3.// Planoly
The app that all of us bloggers need - The first visual planner and scheduler specifically for instagram. With this app, you can upload drag and drop up to 9 photos within a grid to help create a vision of what your feed could look like. Long gone are the days of using your judgement to figure out what will look good on your feed, uploading then deleting because you find it doesn't suit your feed. You can preview photos before uploading them, schedule and even manage photo uploads within the app (replying to comments etc).

Price: Free + in app purchases

Link - here

4.// Tribe
I have this app but haven't personally used it so can't give a full on review, but with this app you can apply for paid instagram campaigns... Yes you heard, paid! Now I'm not sure what they're like with accepting proposals/payments etc but compared to a few other apps already out there, they have LOADS of campaigns from really good brands. The majority of campaigns are for those based in Australia, however you do get the odd international or app campaign to work on.

With this app, you create a photo following the brief, include a description, name your price (how much you want to charge for a photo) and submit! This app are great at corresponding, often sending out newsletters and replying to instagram DM's swiftly. If you have over 3,000 followers on instagram twitter or facebook, go ahead and apply to some campaigns... & If not don't worry, keep working on building an audience!

Price: Free

Link - here

Let me know if you've tried or will be trying out any of these apps. Also check out my most recent post on boosting instagram engagement here - let's beat the algorithm.

Speak soon x

Zeena Xena

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