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Tips: For Writing Emails To Companies

Learn How To Perfect Emails To Companies 

Source: By Madelene 

Right so I think it's really really important for me to do this post. Many times, I put out tweets via Blogging Gals for bloggers to get in touch with me, in regards to opportunities we have going on. Many of you do get in touch with all the bits you'd expect in an email, but again many of you don't.

I wanted to do this post for those of you who are perhaps are unsure about what to include in an email or are finding it difficult to receive the replies you really want from companies.

First step; Make Sure Your Blog & Social Media Is Flowing With Content 

This is always my first step when writing these types of posts because of all points, I feel this point is most important. Let's get straight to it...

Don't contact brands if you haven't blogged in weeks asking them to "collaborate" with you as their first thought will probably be "They are not consistent enough, we'll pass". Instead, make sure all of your channels are flowing with amazing content, then get in touch with brands giving them reasons as to why you'd both work well together.

Second step; Choose The Right Brands & Identify Their Key Message 

Ask yourself this, what is the brand in question about? If for example you're interested in getting in touch with a company who sell clothes that are very girly and also market themselves that way, but you're a food blogger, this wouldn't be a good match. Instead you might want to get in touch with a food PR such as +wearespider (they're sponsoring our upcoming event), to work with some of their clients for your food blog. PR's represent a mixture of brands so you both can pick and choose which clients are suited to you/them.

Third step; Ace Those Emails 

The reason why I wrote this post right? If you've seen an opportunity advertising or just want to work with a brand in general put key details within your email. Let's put it this way, you wouldn't send an email without a description about you/your work to a potential employer would you? Of course not!

When emailing companies be sure to....

1) Introduce yourself; Include your name, what you do blog/youtube even if you don't do it full time.

2) If you've seen something advertising be sure to include what it is or say why you're getting in touch.

3) Lastly, include your social links - Twitter, Instagram & blog (as mentioned above)! A lot of people miss this step out believe it or not and it's so vital. Sometimes I tend to delete emails without the above because it shows me the person hasn't taken the time out to perfect what it is they want or have to offer. Just so this doesn't happen to you, include the above!

Fourth step; Be Patient & a Little Persistent

A lot of times these companies are receiving emails from 100's of bloggers a week, be patient giving them a week or so before you chase them up again. You may want to avoid keywords such as 'collab' 'cooperation' etc as some companies may have filtered for emails including these keywords to go straight in their spam!

Fifth Step; Give Them A Reason To Want More 

Lastly, after you've received your products/service/experience (whatever it may be), ensure you've written/video/photographed the product/s to the best of your ability and to their standards. Why? This will help aid to creating a great working relationship and may even provide you with better opportunities in the future.

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