Friday, 11 November 2016

The Designer Dupe Bag Edit

Find Your Perfect Dupe - The Designer Dupe Bag Edit 

Let's face it whether you're big on fashion or not, designer bags are everywhere! From news outlets to your favorite bloggers instagram feeds, theirs just no escaping them! As a bag lover myself, I thought I'd do this edit featuring the most popular chain bags in the bloggersphere right now... Including the best dupes! 

Chanel Boy Dupe
So this has to be one of the most sought after hand-bags that I've seen around for a number of years. Chanel have always been the ultimate bosses of quilted handbags, but when the timeless piece got a face-lift the demand seemed to have increased even more. So much more that popular retailer Zara created their City dupe!

You can find the links to each bag below... 

ZaraShop here

AldoShop here

EbayShop here (£15.88, comes in a number of colours)

Chloe Faye Dupe 
In the bloggersphere, this HAS to be the most popular bag out there... Correct me if I'm wrong? I mean I've personally seen a number of bloggers feature the Faye bag & dupes on their instagram pages and want one myself! 

Earlier this year a few online retailers such as Very & La Moda had exact dupes that I wanted to feature but they're all sold out now. Instead I've found the below... You can also find the 3rd bag on Ebay & Ali Express. 

AsosShop here

Yes StyleShop here

ChloeShop here

Gucci Dionysus Dupe
At the moment, the Dionysus dupe is available only via retailers such as Ebay & Ali Express meaning I'm yet to come across a high-street retailer doing this particular style. It is the newer bag of them all however so someone like Asos/Zara are bound to do remakes! I do feel with this bag however, it may be harder for brands to re-make as there is no obvious Gucci branding unless you're looking at the classic design with gucci logo. The best dupe I've found is via Ali Express again (I swear I'm just obsessed with this site.)

Gucci - Shop here

Ali ExpressShop here

Zeena Xena 
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