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Top Tips On How To Beat The Winter Blues

Blogging Gals Share A Few Tips On How To Beat The Dreaded Winter Blues...

How to beat the winter lbues
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Winter is here, the sunny days are on strike until next year and the only warmth we'll be experiencing will be generated from our central heating systems. Although temperatures are dropping, there is no need to let the weather rain on your parade! Thankfully, I have some tips to help you beat those winter blues and enjoy the cosy vibe this season brings.

Get out of the house...
The easiest thing to do in the winter is to blame the weather for ruining your plans and turning you into a recluse - we've all been there. Don't allow the weather to stop you from dressing up, stepping out and slaying queens. Your plans don't have to be put on hold because it decides to rain or the temperature drops to minus numbers.  Keeping active and socialising is definitely a great to boost your mood in the colder months, get creative with the places you visit, try out new places and have good old fashioned fun regardless. 

Eat well...
I'll be the first to admit that winter often tempts me to make some shocking food choices and over indulge in junk food also commonly known as 'comfort food'. It's okay to have the odd treat from time to time but healthy food definitely has an effect on our overall mood, so this winter don't forget to have a balanced diet and make sensible food choices. 

Don't forget to slay...

Winter clothes don't have to erase your sassy/ sexy style, they don't have to be boring and frumpy. Rock your over sized jumpers with some sexy heels or over the knee boots (bang on trend). Indulge in some chic knitwear pieces, layer your existing pieces and turn that summer dress into something winter fabulous and slay all day. "It's not what you wear, its how you style it" so get creative this winter and be daring with your fashion items. You can still look amazing in the winter and if in doubt simply throw on your favourite items and a maxi coat; that way you'll be warm as well as looking great.

Set your goals for next year...
There is something about the cold weather than can make us feel less motivated and susceptible to procrastination but we have to stay focused on our goals. As the pace of life at this time of year slows,  refuse to let it hold you back for going for what you want. Use this time of year to set your goals and intentions for next year and plan what actions you are going to need to take to make it happen. Enjoy a nice hot cup of hot chocolate at your favourite cafe or coffee shop and get your goals in order.

Sade Stephens

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