Monday, 10 October 2016

The Stick On Nails That Last Over A Week

Stick On Nails By Kiss 

Whether you believe it or not, the imaged pictured above are a set of stick on nails that I stuck on myself. I picked up a few packs of these beauts at a recent KISS nails event that the brand hosted in collaboration with their new ambassador, Jess Wright.

I've tried KISS nails before at a previous event where a nail tech stuck these on and they too lasted a week. I just assumed that they lasted so long because she stuck them on for me haha! Because of this I decided at this particular event, I wouldn't get my nails stuck on but try to do it myself at home and loved the results!

I can honestly say that I've done everything with these nails from clearing out my house, washing dishes and not one of these popped off. The only thing that happened to these nails were that they slightly went out of shape due to the amount of this I'd been doing - nothing a good nail file couldn't fix though!

Fast forward to just over a week later, I've just taken these stick on nails off to put a fresh set on for an event and was prompted to do this post having been asked; "which salon did your nails?" countless times!

Steps For Salon Like Nails 

1) Purchase your favourite set of kiss nails & kiss glue from Boots here

2) Clean, buff & shape your nails to the desired shape

3) Using your kiss glue, apply to your own nail and hold down for a few seconds and repeat on all nails

Handy tip: Although the impress stick on nails come with the sticky tabs I still put the apply glue too which helps them last longer

4) If needed file the nails to your desired shape and press each nail down for a second time to make sure their stuck down properly!

Voila! A full set of nails done at home for the fraction of the price and highly recommended. Let me know if you've tried or try any of these stick on nails.



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