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Change The Way You Sleep With A Leesa Mattress*

Leesa Mattress Review 

Haven't been getting a good night's rest lately? Suffering with back problems? It could all be to do with your current mattress and perhaps needing a change. This was me until a couple of weeks ago. The lovely people at Leesa* surprised me with a new mattress that I'm forever grateful for. As hard working ladies, we all need our sleep! 

I'd seen some really cool stories and photos about Leesa mattresses arriving rolled up in a box and couldn't quite believe how that was possible until mine arrived... 

Neatly wrapped up in it's packing waiting for it's new home, I carefully unravelled the plastic and what I witnessed was something astonishing. From its cylinder like shape, the mattress unfolds and expands into a square as pictured below, in very slow-motion though so you can really take it all in. 

The rectangular shaped box it came in is pretty handy too, making it easy to get up flights of stairs and narrow hallways, which is a plus for those of us who live in small flats/apartments. 

Unboxing the Leesa mattress is a truly magical experience, so if you're thinking of purchasing one don't forget to capture every moment of it!

The Leesa mattress has all the benefits of a foam mattress, without the annoying feeling of sinking, which most traditional foam mattresses are like. Great for the short-term, however with traditional foam mattresses over time you may find that your mattress will start to sink even more. 

This particular mattress has three layers of foam helping to aid to a good night's sleep! They include;

Cooling Technology
The top layer of the mattress has 5cm of foam and is designed to allow air to constantly flow through, this enables you to have a cooler night's sleep - especially for those of you who naturally feel hot when sleeping. 

"A true breakthrough in comfort technology, the proprietary foam provides better support than memory foam alone, sleeps cool, is inherently fire retardant, and is hypo-allergenic/latex-free.

A term us bloggers know to well right? Haha! The contouring technology is cloud-like making it feel like you're being hugged in your sleep. I can vouch for this; your body doesn't sink into the mattress but instead feels like it's hugging your body. This layer has 5cm of foam. 

"Strategically positioned below the cooling layer, the memory foam is free to live up to it’s reputation of blissful comfort without the risk of over-heating the sleeper."

Core Support
Although the Leesa mattress is soft and "huggy", the stability is second to none. The base which is made up of 15cm of foam is very solid (in a good way). This will help maintain the product in the long run. Personally, I deal with a lot of back strain on a daily basis just through being in one position (aka at my desk) for far too long. I noticed within the first week of putting my mattress up, I had no back issues whatsoever and found that I was waking up even earlier to start each working day. 

In terms of value, because Leesa eliminate unnecessary overheads, such as stores and sales people, you are met with a premium mattress without paying the luxury price tag.

The real "WOW" factor for me is if you're not completely satisfied within a 100 nights sleep, you'll get a full refund and Leesa will even donate your mattress to a local charity! If a charity can't be found they'll recycle your mattress instead. (read more here)

Lastly, Leesa have launched a new programme called "One Earth", meaning that for every mattress sold, a new tree is planted to help offset our carbon footprint. 

You can get a £50 discount off any Leesa Mattress by shopping here, it's time to change the way you sleep!

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