Monday, 5 September 2016

Meeting Seth Goldman, Founder Of Honest Tea

Chatting with Seth Goldman, Founder Of Honest Tea #RefreshinglyHonest

Last week we were invited down to Look Mum No hands in Old Street to have lunch with popular US drinks company Honest Teas. If you haven't heard of Honest Teas before, they're a bottled tea company who of course make teas that taste best chilled!

Upon arrival we were greeted by the Honest Tea team, and got to know the team based in the US & UK a little better. We then took to our seats, where Seth began to talk us through his motivation for co-founding Honest Tea, the journey and where the company sits today.

Brief history

* One of the motivations for starting the company was because there was a lack of companies already out there providing chilled drinks with not so much calories/sugars etc back in 1994. Drinks were either too sweet or basically water, there was no in-between.

* In 1997 Seth and a college friend would whip up juices prior to running in Central Park (NYC). Seth found it difficult to find a drink already on the market that would essentially quench his thirst, and decided that if he wanted to do so for good, he'd have to do it himself.

* After tonnes of research with his professor and co founder Barry, Honest Teas was born.

Read more about the companies history, mission statement & other facts over on

Prior to explaining all of the above, Seth asked for us all to introduce ourselves, I had no idea that I was sitting amongst a group of inspiring people. From company directors, to bloggers, journalists etc I had learnt so much listening to everyone's individual story, and honestly left this event feeling on top of the world.

Some things we learned from Seth; 

* Everyone is on their own path to health

* As entrepreneurs it  is our responsibility to lead

* The Product is not for everyone, but for those who perhaps want to start a healthy journey or continue being on one

* Honest Teas are the first organic product cocoa-cola distribute here in the UK

* Honest Teas are working towards being fair-trade in the EU

Whilst listening to Seth, we were also tucking into some really nice food prepared by Look Mum No Hands, with a menu inspired by the Honest Tea ingredients...

Honest Teas

The food was very tasty and worked well with the drinks! 

Lastly, I had the chance to interview Seth quickly and asked him two questions; 

1) What tips can you give to young female entrepreneurs? 

* Make sure what you're offering is dramatically different, you want to stand out from the rest! 

* Take care of yourself, exercise and eat well to enable you to work smarter & harder

* Ground yourself 

2) What role has the media played in your business?

* Seth stated that at Honest Tea, they like to do things differently... They tend not to use mainstream media as much 

* Instead they have 'Honest Reps' go out and hand out free samples of drinks to the public

* Their aim is connect their product with authentic people, spreading an experience & providing opportunity for feedback 

* They do not pay for reviews

** FUN FACT **

Honest Teas have this experiment called the "Honest Index" where they put up racks of tea and see if people are honest enough to pay for them, which I think is really cool! They don't have any reps monitoring the "experiment" so results are very interesting, 93% of people paid for their drinks which is a great turn out. 

They'll be doing these experiments in London and conducting some research from it for reports, so look out for these! 

Seth's Last words.... 

"Life can be a lonely journey but it doesn't have to be" 

Honest Teas are currently on sale at Whole Foods & Co-Op for £1 (normally £1.59) my favourite flavours are Lemon & Honey... However I'm dying to get my hands on the Half Tea & Half Lemonade & Peach Tea flavours.

Listen to Seth on Ted Talks - here 
Seth's best-selling book 'Mission In A Bottle' - here 


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