Thursday, 22 September 2016

London Fashion Week 16' - #LFW

Blogging Gals cover London Fashion Week 2016 

With each year London Fashion Week just gets bigger and better and SS17 was by far my favourite yet.

After spending a week of stressing about what to wear, I decided to opt for my Missguided cape blazer and matching white shorts for my first day at LFW. I usually wear all black so I wanted to step out of my comfort zone- it is Fashion Week after all and you need to make a statement! I tried my outfit without a bra but that was a bit risqué for me so I grabbed a lace Boohoo bra to layer underneath just to make sure I didn’t have any wardrobe malfunctions.

Day 1

I started off my first day of LFW by hopping in an Uber with my boyf to the Boohoo blogger hangout for the lovely ladies there to sort out my hair, before taking a wander down to Brewer Street Car Park to see who and what I could find about. The entire area was flooded with the most incredible outfits and tonnes of photographers taking pictures!

Stopping and posing took so much time and my Ace and Tate sunglasses were a necessity with all those flashing lights! After taking a gazillion pictures we took a wander down to the Social House nearby which was a great blogger hangout where you could charge your phone, put your feet up and grab some tasty treats whilst waiting for shows and events. I also got a cute manicure from the ladies at @wahnails who sorted me out with this cute ice cream design! I loved being able to chat to all the influencers in the social house about what was going on and where to go after.

After hanging out and grabbing some lunch I headed home for a quick nap and some more food (I don’t stop eating) before quickly grabbing another cab to watch the Fashion International show at the Amba Hotel in Charing Cross. The show had an array of designers with a variety of influences and it was incredible to see the contrast between each collection. Despite the designers being geographically close, the different styles coming down the runway couldn’t be more unique. After the show there was a drinks reception where we bumped into some friends and managed to chat to the designers themselves. Soon after I had to rush off to the LFW party at the Rooftop Garden in Kensington. I absolutely loved this venue and had possibly a few too many cocktails but hey, it’s Fashion Week!

Day 2

I woke up a little late on my second day! I quickly threw on my all-black outfit, wolfed down a croissant and ran for my taxi to get me to the first show. We headed to the Freemasons Hall first to see the Apu Jan show which I absolutely adored. I even bumped into the lovely Olivia Buckley afterwards- she’s such a babe.

Straight after the show I sprinted off to the Felicities event which was absolutely stunning. There were lots of designers showcasing their pieces and they were even about for a chat too! Straight after we ran to the Blogger Programme hangout which was too cute! There was lots of gifting, sweets, treats and bubble tea in abundance. I managed to squeeze in a quick shoot for one of the brands showcasing their leather jackets before having to rush off again!

From there it was onto Brewer Street Car Park again to see what London’s street style had to offer and then we popped into a little hangout set up by The Outnet. Their hangout was basically a huge white space which used played with different lights to create a really chilled environment. After having a drink and some snacks here, we popped to the Topshop Show Space to have a look at who and what was going on for the Topshop Unique show! Seeing as though I’d been rushing around London all day in my heels, I decided it was best to re-charge and grab some food in Spitalfields Market.

Soon after we headed back to the Freemasons Hall to the House of MEA show which showcased several stunning designers. Straight after this show we were lead upstairs to our third show of the day which was Malan Breton. This was by far my favourite and possibly the best way to end our time at LFW. We sat front row and the runway was designed to make you feel like you were in a gothic palace. With breath-taking gowns, both men and womenswear and the most incredible live music, Malan Breton pulled out all the stops to create the most elegant and fairy-tale-like display I’d see all week.

Safe to say I had the best and busiest weekend at LFW! My feet hurt a bit, but boy was it worth it!

Until next season, LFW


 Mel Ekrem

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