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How To: Make Mocktails Using Red Bull Tropical Edition

Learn How To Make Mocktails Using Red Bull's Tropical Edition 

It’s no secret that us girls love our cocktails, but what about mocktails? Is there a mocktail that could compete with the fruitiness and power-packed punch that our favourite cocktails are known for?

According to Red Bull there is, and that’s the Red Bull Tropical Jungle Juice, a sweet yet refreshing concoction designed by JJ Goodman, London’s cocktail king and the founder and CEO of the London Cocktail Club. It turns out that to taste good, a shot or two or alcohol isn’t always needed - great news when you don’t fancy yet another hangover!

In collaboration with Red Bull, I’ve been trying my hand at mixology. That’s right, I’ve been making some mocktails, and I have loved every second of it! I have to say I am incredibly impressed - who knew mocktails could taste so good? (For anyone doing ‘Go Sober For October’ mocktails could be a lifesaver.)

Below are the recipes and instructions for the Red Bull Tropic Jungle Juice, as well as two mocktails I designed myself. And if I do say so, they all taste pretty damn good and are a lot of fun to make.

Red Bull Tropic Jungle Juice

This is a personal favourite of mine due to its fresh and fruity flavour. The tang of the ginger combined with the sweet Red Bull, grapefruit juice and Passion Fruit Funkin creates a sharp, sophisticated drink.


125ml Red Bull Tropical Edition
10 grams of Ginger
50ml Pink Grapefruit Juice
5ml Passion Fruit Funkin
20ml Coconut Blossom Nectar

To garnish: Pineapple leaves, passion fruit husk, or mint spring.


1. Combine Red Bull Tropical Edition, pink grapefruit Juice and Passion Fruit Funkin in cocktail shaker.
2. Grate ginger to cocktail shaker, followed by Coconut Blossom Nectar.
3. Shake and then serve.
4. Add a straw and garnish glass.

Raspberry and Passion Fruit Daiquiri

This is one of my own concoctions, and I have to say, I am quite pleased with it. It has a refreshing taste that packs a real flavour packed punch and tastes just as good as an alcoholic Raspberry and Passion Fruit Daiquiri.


25 grams of Frozen Raspberries
10ml Passion Fruit Funkin
50ml Still Lemonade
125ml Red Bull Light

To garnish: Passion fruit husk or pineapple chunks.


1. Combine Red Bull Light, still lemonade and Passion Fruit Funkin in cocktail shaker.
2. Blend frozen raspberries and add to cocktail shaker.
3. Shake and then serve over ice.
4. Add a straw to garnish glass.

The Bully Boy

Inspired by the Shirley Temple cocktail, The Bully Boy is simple but delicious. It’s wonderfully sweet and easy to drink, with the grapefruit juice giving it the sharpness that it needs.


20ml Grenadine
170ml Red Bull
25ml Pink Grapefruit Juice


1. Combine Red Bull and pink grapefruit juice in cocktail shaker.
2. Add grenadine to cocktail shaker.
3. Shake and serve over ice.
4. Add a straw and garnish to glass.

After testing out the Red Bull Tropic Jungle Juice and making a couple of mocktails of my own, I am sold on mocktails. They taste just as delicious as cocktails, with the added bonus of not leaving you with a sore head the next day. I mean, what’s not to love?

If you fancy making some mocktails of your own, Red Bull is the perfect base for them. There are plenty of mocktail recipes online that you could try, or how about getting creative and coming up with some of your own? It’s much easier than you would think to do, and a whole lot of fun, I should add.

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