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How To Clean Up Your Blog

Learn How To Clean Up Your Blog...

How To Clean Up Your Blog

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Okay so we're practically heading into the new year so it's time to start thinking about cleaning up your blog. If you follow me personally, you'll know that I touched up on this ever so slightly here and wanted to save the rest for a full post on Blogging Gals of course.

So without further ado, here are some tips on how to clean up your blog...

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Is Your Layout Blogger Worthy?

Let's face it, as much as it seems "unoriginal" to follow "trends" when it comes to blogging it's almost like the "in thing". Minimalist themes are popular amongst the blogging community with bloggers going for almost magazine style finished blog templates. The best themes can be found via our good friends Pipdig (who made our theme) & etsy for independent design businesses.

Tip; Make sure images are clear & bright, your blog colour-cordinates and you are using fonts that are clear to read.

Out With The Old, In With The New... 

When you have a spare moment, do a broken-link check... This can be done by simply searching 'broken link checker' via google. Place your URL into the broken-link bar on the website and allow the  tool to check all the broken links on your website. I have quite a few from old posts dating back to 2012, so have to ask myself the following; Are these posts relevant to what I'm blogging about now? Do the posts have any benefit to my readers? The answer is no, so these are the types of posts that I'd be getting rid of.

For posts that are still relevant but have a broken link or two, simply fix them or remove them, you can do this by clicking 'edit' on the the links & replacing them.

What is a broken-link? (aka a dead-link) - Broken-links are links that no longer work because the company (website) may have for ex; removed a product from their site, deleted their website or may just be experiencing problems. I'm not sure if there's any evidence of this anywhere, but I don't believe this is good for your SEO ranking... The sooner these are fixed, the better!

Check For Spam...

From time to time you may look at your blog views and realise they have sky-rocketed with visits from countries such as Russia or China. This may look great to you, but often these visits are from spammy websites and can affect your google ranking. Check the source of these website, if they're bad block the website in question (you can do this via your blog settings).

Same for comments. On the odd occasion I'll get spam comments saying mainly from hair companies, deleting them can be a bit annoying but is good for your overall site health!

Post Performance... 

We all have those posts that generally perform better than others. Visit these posts regularly, add relevant content and links and change the imagery as your photography skills start to enhance. Remember, if these posts are doing well you can still promote them even two years down the line which I sometimes tend to do.


In addition to the above, from time to time I'd say look at your posts and see which posts aren't performing so well then evaluate why that is. There are so many guides on google to help you out with SEO (there's no easy way to explain it), use these to help you improve the SEO in posts that could be doing better.

So those are my top tips for cleaning & improving the performance of your blog! Comment below if any of the above tips have helped :)

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