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Interview With Mark McDonald Consultancy

Blogging Gals Interview Mark, Founder of Mark Mcdonald Consultancy London

Meet Mark
We interviewed Mark the founder of Mark Mcdonald Consultancy to give you, our lovely readers an insight on what it's like to work with luxury beauty clients. Mark also provides some cut throat tips to those of you thinking about heading into PR or starting your own consultancy... 

Hi Mark, so tell us a little bit about yourself...

I am a horticulturalist, a florist, a makeup artist and a distributor of luxury beauty brands. MMCL is a British company that sources luxury cosmetics from anywhere around the world and introduces, promotes and maintains their performance and development in the UK and also in various European territories. Lots of people, especially young industry professionals think that we are a PR agency. We will soon be, as this is a service that we are looking to provide as part of our growth strategy for our brand partners.

What inspired you to start MMCL? 

I took my time, worked hard, forged and maintained valuable relationships and gained the relevant knowledge and skills before starting MMCL in 2014. Starting my career at an entry level artistry position and working my way up to executive roles gave me more than enough time to learn, gain valuable experience and to prepare myself, skills knowledge and confidence wise, for the start of my own enterprise. MMCL started because the time was right and I felt I was prepared.

What is a typical day like at MMCL? 

There’s quite a lot of work to be done here at MMCL but it’s all exciting work. A typical day entails, planning strategy meetings for our retail partners; liaising with brands to introduce new lines to the market, managing the MMCL Field Team; designing instore product display areas; presenting the company to new and potential commercial partners; planning and hosting promotion events; forecasting stock and predicting buying trends.

Do you work with bloggers & if yes in which ways? 

We do work with bloggers and lately influencers. In fact, we have our own close team of girls who are actually family.  We started out collaborating with beauty bloggers who would feature our brands on their blog by way of a review. There’s now a shift from blogging to influencing/enabling, where you post an instagram photo and influence or enable followers to go out and shop the product. We prefer the latter type. Great PR strategy to increase sales and brand popularity and to increase social media following.

Bloggers at MMCL's SachaJuan event 
Tell us about your team...
Apart from talented and knowledgeable, the MMCL team is diverse with members from various cultural backgrounds. We are a small company but well structured.

There’s the MD, me;

·       Director of Education & Training, Nikki Taylor

·       Head Office Co-Coordinator- Kathy Onadi

·       New Business Director- Lou Gilgenkrantz

·       Junior Brand Managers, Tu Bui & Lina Padhye

·       Business Intern Johnson Yu

·       General Worker – Lester Green

Accounts /Payroll
HR Representative

Field Team:
ILIA Beauty Pro Makeup Artists
Zeenat Hussein – Fortnum and Mason
Emma McRae – Fenwick of Bond Street

You have previously done work with one of our favorite brands Laura Geller? How did you manage to bag the brand as a client? What tips would you give to those currently working in PR or hoping to in the future?

We are no longer the commercial representatives for Laura Geller Beauty LLC in the UK but we have maintained a closed relationship and are in touch on a daily basis. The brand and I were introduced by a mutual connection whom I had worked with during my Stila days.

My tips to achieving great success are to work hard, listen to everything, be willing to learn and succeed and never be afraid to embark on a positive and life changing journey alone.

What would you like MMCL to be known for? 
Well, given that we are already the only luxury beauty distributor in London, we are working towards being known as The Home of Prestige Colour Cosmetics.

Mark & Celeb Hair Stylist Jen Atkin
Final words...

Many companies try to acquire every single brand for their portfolio. This is often proves fatal to the business or damaging to the company brand. We will continue to work towards the enhancing the performance of our existing brand portfolio in the market and take our time in our quest to discover the latest in beauty.


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