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How To Meet Like Minded People

Blogging Gals Share Some Tips On How To Meet Like Minded People

Meet Like Minded People
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“Surround yourself with like-minded people” a popular phrase we hear being floated about and an important tip we should all take into account. There comes a time when we just want to meet like minded people and expand our networks further afield. Many of us may have already built up a solid circle, but there is always room to expand this and surround ourselves with even more people who ‘just get it’. Several popular songs have coined the term ‘no new friend’s’ but let’s be realistic, that would mean no new interactions, limited perspectives and reduced growth. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying interact with every single person you encounter in the world, but it’s nice to make new connections from time to time. The questions your probably asking are 'Where do I start? How on earth can I meet new people who are like minded? Where do you like minded people hang out?' Well it’s actually simpler than you think.

Online networking groups
The internet has given us the opportunity to meet like minded people from the comfort of our own sofas. I absolutely love online networking groups, and there are so many you can join. When I first embarked on my blogging journey networking was one of the things I found awkward. After tuning into several online networking groups and chatting to new people I quickly warmed to it; now I regularly tap into online networking opportunities as much as possible. One of my favourite ways to meet like minded people is through a women's online networking group called #HelpAQueenOut which takes place every Sunday at 11am on twitter. This online group gives you the chance to connect with amazing women who inspire and encourage each other. There's also an opportunity to share your projects with the group, get support and discuss a wealth of subjects with like minded individuals.

Attend different events
Attending an event gives you the chance to get glammed up and slay whilst meeting new people in the flesh. Going to events that are of interest to you are a great way to meet people who have a similar interests as well as the types of people you wish to associate with. When you attend events be sure to spark up conversations, don’t be shy to introduce yourself and exchange contact details so that you can catch up afterwards to speak more in depth.
*Disclaimer don’t wade in and try to be the loudest person in the room, you don’t want to scare people off by being to pushy. Let the conversation flow, have integrity, smile and be yourself.

Invest in your social life
There are several ways you can invest in your social life, and get on track to meeting the type of people you wish to connect with. Firstly get yourself a hobby, whether it be sports related, music, art or something else your interested in; do something that your passionate about and enjoy sharing experiences. Secondly get out more, online networking is just the beginning but your going to need to get out there to really connect with people. Research things to do in your home town or further out if your feeling really brave.Get a friend to tag along with you, top up your travel cards, toss a snack in your bags and off you go.Finally if your ready to go lone ranger style (something I love doing) google places to go and create an adventure bucket list, set yourself  a budget and time-frame and let the inner explorer in you blossom.

I hope you enjoyed this post, comment below and let me know how your planning to meet like minded people. I love a good event so please feel free to connect with me on twitter @stayjoyful_uk and let me know what upcoming events you think a positivity enthusiast such as myself should attend.

Radiating positive vibes your way.... 

Sade Stephens

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