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Coin Laundry Review - Restaurants In Clerkenwell, London

Blogging Gals Review Coin Laundry, A 70's Inspired Restaurant In Clerkenwell

Pavement View Of Coin Laundry Located in Clerkenwell, London

Have you ever been handed a menu and just laughed? Me either, until I headed down to The Coin Laundry courtesy of the restaurant themselves. A cute little spot on the corner of Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell, EC1.

There are many restaurants in Clerkenwell but the Coin Laundry is a quirky little spot which launched in 2015, signature dishes include chicken kievs, prawn cocktails and other 70's inspired dishes all thought up by head chef Nik Prescott.

On the outside it is your typical looking Clerkenwell restaurant, a renovated pub with two floors of dining and drinking space, but the menu is unlike anything I have seen before.

We were seated by the friendliest of staff and after about half an hour and two cocktails we decided on a few different dishes to tickle our taste buds.

Coin Laundry have just launched a new 'All Day' menu and a few new cocktails on their drinks menu. So after we decided what to eat, we picked our poison. 

'The Flipper' and 'Stone fence' were the first two cocktails we tried from the new menu and I don't usually drink but was pleasantly surprised especially by 'The Flipper' it was really refreshing and something I can see myself picking off the menu when (not if) I return.

There was a little bit of a delay between us ordering and receiving our food so we ordered a few more cocktails to try, the 70's Pornstar has to be on of the best alcoholic drinks I have tasted. A mix of mango and passion fruit, laced with vodka and a shot of Babycham on the side. What a throwback, but the perfect match.

A few cocktails later we were graced with our food, we ordered the Coronation chicken voluvant, the steak and I obviously went for a cheeseburger.. Because I like to play it safe when it comes to food, and we also had a couple of side salads.

I didn't know what to expect with the food to be honest, the menu shocked me and to be fair I wouldn't usually even look at a restaurant with this type of menu but i'm glad I got to experience it.

The menu wasn't to my personal taste and I wasn't blown away by the food, It was definitely busy so i'm not going to write it off I definitely think everyone should go and have a look at what its all about because you guys may have a different view.

What I will say is... BEST COCKTAILS EVER.

Great cocktails, good food and absolutely the best customer service. 

If you go down to Coin Laundry make sure you tweet us and let us know what you thought.

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