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Bubbleology Topshop Oxford Circus Review

Bubbleology - Bubble Tea In London 

Ever popped into Topshop and wasted spent too much time shopping and browsing? Yeah me too. So imagine how excited I was to hear that Bubbleology has a concession in Topshop? Super excited! If you've seen my tweets lately you'd know that I've become SO obsessed with bubble tea... Only discovering it a few months ago thanks to a friend (I know I'm a bit late to the party). Anyway, I'm here to review the Topshop concession itself (thanks Bubbleology for having me down) and to shed some light on some of my favourite flavours.

Bubbleology Topshop Oxford Circus Store

So if you're familiar with Topshop in Oxford Circus you'll know that over the past few years the brand has incorporated concessions, from other clothing lines, to nail bars and now my favourite - food! I'm always looking to have some good bubble tea in London, and Bubbleology always hits the spot. Bubbleology is located at the far end of the store just as you enter, you know... where all the lovely accessories are. Unfortunately, there are no available seating areas to drink these delicious boissons, however, you are welcome to drink as you shop. Besides, bubbleology carefully seal all drinks with a coat of plastic meaning you don't have to worry about any spillages... cool right?

So onto our orders....

Fruit Bubble Tea

First up my friend tried my ultimate favourite bubble tea (pictured right) - Which is a peach and strawberry blended fruit tea with strawberry and peach popping boboa (if you don't know much about bubble tea you can read more about it here). I cannot even begin to protest my love for this specific tea, along with pizza I crave it on a weekly basis... Unlike pizza it is more nutritional haha. If you're a fan of super sweet fruity drinks this one is definitely one to try. Thank me later.

The bubble tea featured on the left hand side was suggested to me, and apparently a popular choice at Topshop called 'The Peachberry' bubble tea. Slightly similar to my favourite bubble tea but not as sweet. Instead of the little popping boba pearls at the bottom, features fruit jelly which was just as delicious. I do prefer the popping boba though as I love sucking them up through a the straw provided. #GuiltyPleasure

Milk Bubble Tea

On to this milky beaut which I wasn't so sure of at first. Don't get me wrong I love milkshakes but since I've changed my diet, I was a bit apprehensive about trying a milk tea out. Nonetheless, I did and I don't regret any of it! I opted for a skinny (less fat & sugar) mix of chocolate and vanilla tea as I'm not really a fan of "powerful" chocolate tastes and it was delicious. Very rich and creamy but not overpowering, both flavours had the right balance. I really want to try the matcha green and the bannoffee special milk teas on my next visit.

If you stop by topshop make sure you pop in to Bubbleology. Alternatively you can browse other locations here 

I'll probably be there again this week, just because... haha! / Also available on deliveroo here

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