Sunday, 3 July 2016

Zia Lucia Review : New Restaurant Opening In Islington

Everyone knows we here at Blogging Gals love a good Pizza, so when Zia Lucia sent us an invite to come and visit, it was one we just could not decline!

Zia Lucia, situated on Holloway Road and founded by residents of Islington and friends Claudiao Vescovo & Gianluca D'Angelo boasts a unique selection of Italian pizzas, using 48 hour fermented doughs which add characteristic and the lovely aromas to the pizza. 

The name Zia Lucia translates to 'Auntie Lucia' (Gianluca's Auntie) who is said to be a warm, generous figure within her family and community in Rome, where both founders aim to bring these values to the neighbourhood of Islington.

Our insider Joe of Streamline PR stated;

"The venue was like stepping into a traditional Italian pizzeria, open brickwork and cosy. The atmosphere was casual, comfortable and friendly, just what you would love to expect from a family run restaurant and they were true to it."

Customers are able to overlook the open kitchen where you'll find the chefs of Zia Lucia cooking away on stylish wood-fire ovens hand crafted in Naples. Again, giving customers that true authentic feel and a more personable dining experience. 

In terms of the pizza itself, expect to find unusual toppings such as; truffle honey, spicy orange sauce and others alongside the choice of four types of doughs; flour dough, charcoal base, wholemeal and gluten free - how cool?. We've never been to a pizzeria where you can choose the type of dough you want so this is definitely refreshing. There are also a selection of appetisers and desserts to choose from too! 

Joe's final thoughts; 

The food was fresh and tasty; from traditional to new age vegan charcoal pizzas. I ordered a pizza with a charcoal base which is said to be easier to digest, and I have to admit that I didn't feel bloated, tired or heavy which is important for a consistent gym goer like me. The spicy sausage 'nduja' was also a favourite of mine along with the expansive wine list all hand-picked by the owners. 

Ending with a dessert pizza (which I didn't think I could manage but I did), my experience at Zia Lucia was very delightful and I hope to be back again! 

Although the restaurant is a smaller space seating 46 inside the restaurant and 10 outside, this provides a great opportunity for Zia Lucia to revolutionise dining offering a more personable experience with a true feel of Italy. 

Zia Lucia: 157 Holloway Road N7 8LX London 
Contact: 0207700 3708
Pricing: Pizzas are priced from £7-11

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