Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Wellness Tips: Take Better Care Of Yourself

Learn How To Take Better Care of Yourself With These Wellness Tips


We are often so busy taking care of everyone else but neglect our own wellbeing. How much time do we dedicate to looking after ourselves? Work and the daily stresses of life can knock the fun and get up and go out of us. But we can do a few things to stay in tip top shape and functioning at our best. I incorporate wellness habits into my everyday life in order to stay joyful and to ensure I am at my best. It’s so important to take care of you and give yourself some much needed TLC.

Feed your mind
It’s important to plug into uplifting content that feeds the mind. You may choose to read a book or empowering blog, listen to a podcast or uplifting music. Take some time to detox your mind and chill out, it’s so vital to take care of your mind as well as the rest of your body. If you are looking for some empowerment why not stop by my personal blog www.stayjoyful.co.uk and plug into some uplifting content to give you an added boost. Another way to feed your mind is by surrounding yourself with positive people.  Connect with new people, get out there, go to different places and enjoy new positive experiences.

Face masks, massages and foot spas are my top three papering delights. I encourage you to incorporate some pampering practices into your weekly schedule. I absolutely love face masks and soaking in the bath. Lush products are definitely some of my favourites to assist me in unwinding after a hard day at work. When you get home from work before you switch the television on or start cooking run yourself a nice hot bath, smooth on your favourite face mask and unwind. Self-care is so important and it’s proven than face masks help to tighten your skin and reduce toxins. If you can book yourself into a spa or salon do this as often as you can, whether that be once a week, every month or every so often. Enjoy pampering yourself and getting some much needed me time.

Fuel your body
I’ll be the first to admit that I love a good burger, portion of chips and ample slices of pizza. The key to a balanced diet is reducing the junk and increasing the nutritional foods. Don’t deny yourself of all treats, instead set aside one treat day where you can have some of your not so healthy favourites. Aim to eat plenty of fruit, veg, lean meat and proteins. If you are a vegetarian or vegan there are lots of meat free alternatives out there for you to sink your teeth into. Another important tip to staying healthy is definitely water. This is my top wellness habit; I try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Water does wonders for your skin and hair, and adds that much need vitality back into your life. My tip to help you drink more water would be to get a cute opaque cup and straw, add fruits if you want and carry water in your bag wherever you go!

Enjoy you week lovelies and remember to incorporate some wellness habits into your weekly routine and enjoy the benefits.

Sade Stephens
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