Thursday, 7 July 2016

Louis Vuitton Set To Launch Perfume

Louis Vuitton Perfume Launch

In September this year you'll be able to smell like Louis Vuitton monogrammed bags, all glorious and fashionable and classic. Well, not quite. Louis Vuitton hasn't released a perfume for 70 years, seven-zero. Think about it, all major fashion houses have their perfume ranges that have been out, intoxicating us for years - Chanel (No.5, Chance, Mademoiselle), Dior (Miss Dior, J'Adore), YSL (Opium), so Louis Vuitton seems to have left that party and has decided (some 70 years later) that they'd like to join back in the fun...

Louis Vuitton Perfume
Source: Louis Vuitton
Les Perfums Louis Vuitton will hit the shelves come September and will be 'exotic', 'rare' and 'floral' according to the perfumer creating the concoction and has been labelled by Louis Vuitton as a journey of emotions. How mysterious. I wonder what the bottle will be like, lets be honest, if it doesn't look good on your dressing table...the scent better be out of this world to seduce your money out of your wallet. I'm sure LV won't disappoint - I predict (or hope for) a heavily monogrammed bottle.

Les Parfums Louis Vuitton drops in September 2016.

Cassie Thorpe

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