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Tetley To Launch Vitamin & Caffeine Infused Super Teas

Tetley Launches A Trio of Everyday Super Teas 


We are a nation of tea lovers with 36 million cups of Tetley tea being consumed each and every day. The popular tea manufacturers are soon to launch a trio of super teas set to give those of us with busy lifestyles (or just those who need it), the ultimate instant pick-me-up!

When we heard that Tetley were launching the variety of super teas we were excited to try them out, as we often have busy days and can feel run down after a long day at the office. Over a course of a week, we tried & tested the three teas; Tetley Super Tea Boost, Tetley Super Tea Alert and Tetley Super Tea Immune. 

First Impressions 
As always, Tetley are flawless with their packaging - straight away you know what you're buying into. The symbols on each tea package (exclamation mark, upward pointing arrow and shield) make it easy for customers to identify what each tea actually does. All the teas have a brief description on the front and back explaining what the benefits are and what the teas are made up of.

When it comes to taste, personally I think all the teas taste like normal English tea with the exception of Tetley's Super Alert Tea which I'll go into detail below.

Tetley Super Tea Boost
Of all the super teas, this one has to be my favourite just as I suffer with extreme fatigue in which this combats. The Super Boost Tea is packed with vitamin B6 which I'm pretty sure you know all the benefits of, and blended with Tetley's black tea giving you that familiar taste. I've been drinking this every other day whilst working or if I know I'm going to have a really busy day out. I have found as a result that I have more energy and I'm less tired by the end of the day. Please note along side this, I've changed my eating habits - eating much cleaner and drinking a lot of smoothies!.

* Supported by The European Food Standards Agency

Tetley Super Tea Alert
I'm sat here drinking this tea as I write this post after a very late night working. The Super Alert Tea is perfect for those of you who find it hard to stay awake and concentrate throughout the day (aka me). Each 225ml serving is packed with the same amount of caffeine as a normal cup of coffee (I have to admit, I dislike coffee so this is the perfect alternative). The taste is a bit stronger than the others so I'd recommend adding a spoonful of honey for some extra added sweetness and even better benefits!

Tetley Super Tea Immune
Each Summer I tend to get a nasty cold due to the many changes in weather we have here in the UK. Eating well and exercising sometimes is just not enough to help combat with these sort of problems. The Super Immune Tea is bursting with Vitamin C goodness to help support the immune system and could prevent things such as colds and other immune deficiencies. Again, this tea is blended with Tetley's black tea, so you don't have to worry about getting used to a new taste.

What I really like about these teas is that you expect them to have their individual tastes due to what they offer, however, these teas pretty much taste like a normal cup of tea just with the added benefits. This as a result makes it easier for all of us to switch our traditional tea bags to these everyday super teas which can help aid to a healthier lifestyle.

You can expect these products to be on shelves in; Sainsubury's late July & Morrisons early August RRP £1.59 for 20 bags!

* Pr Samples 
* EU Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed chaired by the European Commission has voted in favour of four caffeine health claims on 12 April 2016. The approved claims are that “caffeine contributes to an increase in endurance performance, endurance capacity, alertness and concentration”. The caffeine health claims are expected to be adopted into law by the end of 2016

Will you be trying these? 

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