Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Sunglasses Trend: The Shield by Chanel

Sunglasses Trend: The Shield 

When the slightest glimpse of sun creeps behind the clouds you know it's time...dart your hand into your bag and being them out - the sunglasses. Depending on your personal level of chic you could even be a cloudy day sunglasses-wearer or if you're super chic, celebrity-level chic you may even get away with wearing them indoors. Either way, we all love a good pair, but everyone has their own personal style when it comes to sunglasses: the aviator, the super huge, the club master etc. Etc. You get where I'm going with this. But there's one sunglasses trend which has been popping up here and there recently and that, my friends, is the shield. I think that Chanel's Spring/Summer show ignited this trend again, when blue, orange and silver shield glasses donned the models flying on Chanel Airlines. 

Shield Sunglasses
Chanel SS16 Show
Source: Daily Mail

Chanel SS16 Show
Source: Daily Mail 
Shield sunglasses are statement pieces and super fashionable right now and lets be honest, are probably the best shaped sunglasses for those hungover days because not one glimmer of sunlight is getting behind those lenses. They're daring and definitely not a subtle accessory. 

Source: Fashion Bomb Daily

Source: The Worldwide Wardrobe
From Kendall's walk on the runway, to Amber getting papped and Kylie at Coachella, these celebs have proved how diverse these sunglasses can be. Perfect for Summer holidays, festivals and well, any other sunny days out. 

What do you think of the shield sunglasses trend? Will you be getting a pair of shield sunglasses? You can view the full collection on Chanel's website here - comment below with your thoughts. 

Cassie Thorpe

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