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How To: Travel For Less

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So you've caught the travel bug and can't stop searching for flights to... Well anywhere in the world? I'm the same! If you follow me on my personal accounts you'll always see that I'm talking about really cheap holidays and often jetting off somewhere very last minute. I always get asked how I find these cheap flights and thought it'd be a great idea to share with the Blogging Gals community first. I love sharing my tips with you so if you have any questions/suggestions for posts at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Google Search & Flights

When thinking about booking a holiday I always do a simple Google Search with a specific destination in mind, the search results then bring up the best websites to book these holidays on. This acts as an indicator for the websites I may or may not use during the booking process. If I've not heard of a website before I usually make a note of it then check it out via / trust pilot & head to the actual website to see what they're about.

Sky Scanner -

This trusty website was once a hidden gem that hardly any of my peers knew about, I've been using Sky Scanner for a number of years now especially when making bookings to North Africa. Above any travel website out there this has to be my ultimate favourite... I could spend hours just searching for flights endlessly (trust me I do). Let's take a recent search as an example, I found a flight to Aruba for two weeks in June for £169... Yes believe that!

If you're flexible (especially to those of you who are self employed), you'll love this tip of mine. So, head over to

1) Select your departure airport
2) To "everywhere'
3) Depart & Arrive "cheapest month"

The results...

This is the main method to me finding the cheapest flights :) I don't really use Sky Scanner for hotels but I'd definitely give it a go in the near future.

Expedia -

I used Expedia for my trip to Italy back in January and found a lovely boutique hotel in Venice with blogger friend Paige Paris. We booked our flights via Ryanair as they turned out to be cheaper this way and just went with the hotel booking via Expedia. When looking for hotels, I'd recommend having a few tabs up for different websites such as Expedia, Trip Advisor, etc to compare prices - Or you could use to compare hotels from different websites, including the ones listed above. -

I've used this a few times for serviced apartments here in the UK, another great option for booking hotels inbound and outbound. It seems this website is always offering sales at 50% etc, how much of this is true - you'll have to find out ;)

Airbnb -

Founded in 2008 (one of my most recent discoveries), Airbnb seems like a way in which to discover "the real" *enter city name here*. For those of you who have unused space, this is a great way for you to monetise too. I'm yet to use Airbnb, however I'm sure this is set to change in the near future. If you're planning a group holiday with 4 or more, I'd suggest using Airbnb to save you some dolla!

Travel Republic -

Can't be asked to package your own holiday? No problem, this is another trusty website I've used in the past to find a package deal to Tunisia many many years ago. It was once my favourite website to use for finding deals actual - great for family holidays too!

Trip Advisor -

Now I use this all the time to have a look at reviews and to see if a hotel is what it claims to be, places to visit in specific areas., guides and much more. People also often forget that Trip Advisor has a flight + hotel search tool too, I've used this a few times and it's really good.

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION* Before You Make A Booking... 

* Delete Cookies 

We all know what Cookies are in web terms right? I've found that when I've searched for a route a couple of times and visit the website again searching for the exact same route, fares have often risen in price. Have you ever noticed this before or perhaps remembering when prices for flights have gone up and down? The reason could be because these companies are storing your information to track your interests etc. So my top tip to you when looking for flights is to delete your cookies regularly to ensure prices stay as low as possible - thank me later!

* Cheapest Travel Months

When on the hunt for a bargain holiday research is everything and I say this with the most serious face, you could save some serious £££ when travelling! Sometimes you'd need to do specific research on the place you're visiting however, from my experience in the past end of August-November are the best times to travel for cheap airfares, where prices go down... Severely.

November is by far the cheapest month to travel.

* Alternative Airports

Now when it comes to flying we all have our preferred airports for many reasons (mines is shopping at Gatwick). Unfortunately for those of us on the hunt for the cheapest possible flights, we're not able to depart from the airports desired. Where airfares are concerned though, I don't mind... I much rather a cheaper flight over buying unnecessary things I DO NOT need.

ex; London Stansted offer cheaper flights over Gatwick and Heathrow.

* Travel Hand Luggage Only 

I know it sounds like a pain but honestly if I can do it so can you! As you know I blog mainly about fashion and often find it difficult to pack light as I know I'll want to shoot... But I manage to somehow in the name of travelling for less.

Most budget airlines will offer 10kg for baggage combined but airlines like British Airways will give you a 23kg allowance for your luggage + 23kg for your bag so just always keep this in mind and do your research on airlines.

So these are all my tips for travelling for less in 2016! Enjoy them? Tweet me @zeenaxena and let me know, what you think. Also let me know if you'd like me to do any more of these posts, I really enjoy writing about travel! You can also visit my blog where I'll be posting more fashion & travel posts :)

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