Wednesday, 27 July 2016

How To Slay In A Casual Outfit

Casual Outfit Slay 

Hi guys! Hope you're all well and have been enjoying your Summer so far. So today, I wanted to do something a little different on Blogging Gals, bringing you a really a 'any season' sort of casual outfit... Because who doesn't love to be comfy and slay at the same damn time?!! 

Without further ado... I introduce you to the following;
Casual Outfit
Jeans - I've never been a fan of ripped jeans or the boyfriend style, but as of lately they're all I want to wear! This pair from Boohoo hang well and are not too cray cray on the distressing.

Top -  A nice slouchy top to go with the any pair of jeans is on a casual day is my sort of 'go to'. I love buying oversized tees to pair with boyfriend jeans when I'm running errands and need to move around quickly. This Levis top goes well with the trainers (I love a bit of colour-coordination) and who doesn't love a nice logo?

Trainers - I absolutely love these trainers from Topshop, they're the kind that you know you wont see EVERYONE in. I think they go great with white, red, blue, yellow. black, and beige type of outfits. Topshop also do these trainers in white and black with silver stars... I'm hoping to buy a pair but unsure of which colours to pick! White with red & blue stars here, white with silver stars here.

Bag - So the bloggersphere has gone crazy for Chloe's Faye bag and so they should, it's so beautiful and literally goes with everything! This Faye dupe is from La Moda and a great accessory to this outfit. As it's cross-body, it makes it even easier to maneuver whilst on the run!

Necklace - Another great accessory to the Faye Dupe. I wouldn't wear it with this particular top, however a plain white oversized tee would go just fine! View here.

Sunglasses - If you follow my personal blog you'll know that I love a good pair of sunglasses. I literally buy a new pair of mirrored lenses every month because the obsession is REAL. La Moda again always have the best pairs to match a casual outfit, shop here.

Hope you've enjoyed me stylin' up this outfit! Have any questions or requests? You can comment or tweet me @ZeenaXena

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