Thursday, 2 June 2016

Thai Square Spa Review

Recently we were invited down to Thai Square Spa near Trafalgar Square for a lovely relaxing spa day. Lucky for one of us, this came at a great time as we'd taken a week off of where we were able to start the new week positive - by de-stressing! 

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Upon arrival I was greeted by staff who explained what sort of treatments were on offer to me. As I had somewhere else to be after, I didn't want to go for anything involving water and as a result, sadly had to give the sauna and jacuzzi a miss. Nonetheless, I had one hell of an EPIC massage which has to be one of the BEST massages of my life.

After chatting to the staff, I was taken to the changing room where you can find showers and lockers. One of the lovely members handed me a dressing gown, a pair of fresh underwear and some slippers. When opting for massages that involve oil its best to not keep any of your own clothing on as you do not want oil to get all over your underwear for example and it is also recommended you shower after to preventing oil getting to your clothes.

Next, I was taken down to my spa room which was soooo beautiful. It even featured a GOLD bath tub (which I really wanted to get in haha). The masseuse had a chair waiting for me to be seated, where she removed my slippers and soaked my feet in warm water. I was then ushered onto the bed and prepared for my massage. 

Using essential oils blended from fruit and flower extracts the masseuse rubbed this all over my body and started massaging from my feet up and even finished of with a light head massage. I believe this was the Ritual Massage which lasted for an hour - the best hour of my life must I say! Before starting the massage, the masseuse did ask if there were any areas I wanted her to focus on particularity and I did mention my shoulders, back and hands due to always crouching and typing. She was able to really release all the tension in my body and also apply little pressure to help relax my muscles.

I was then taken into the relaxation area where I could sit back and relax really. The ambience is just like no other, you have beautiful scents, surroundings, magazines to read and you're also offered some tea (jasmine, green etc) or water. This is the perfect place to just "switch off" and I'd recommend not bringing a phone/tablet if you want to do just that. 

As mentioned above as I had somewhere to be after I didn't get to use the sauna or jacuzzi (sobs) but these facilities can be added to any package you choose for £30 or £40 without. More details can be found here.

I was lucky enough to take home some of Thai Square Spa's foot products which has been a God sent. I suffer from really dry heels and have been using the iMantra foot scrub along with the foot lotion and have noticed a huge difference in my skin. The scrub buffs feet and the lotion has your feet feeling soft and looking rejuvenated. I'll definitely be using these products and topping up throughout Summer. 
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Definitely consider this spa if you need some time out, a treat or simply want to visit the salon. Let us know if you're thinking about booking :) 

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