Thursday, 9 June 2016

NYX Available at & Stores Nationwide

Okay so hands up if you're a NYX lover? If you didn't know you could get NYX at Boots then where have you been?! One of us has been purchasing NYX ever since it landed in Next stores many many years ago... Some time later, we still swear by their products! I've formed this post including my favourite picks and products that I've actually tried. Let us know if you're planning on purchasing anything, leave your product favourites  or even link us to your NYX posts!

NYX High Definition Primer - £12.00 // Purchase here

For all you beauty bloggers/youtubers out there this may be the perfect product for your makeup looks. This product glides onto the skin effortlessly and claims to blur out imperfections due to its light diffusing ingredients. I use this product when I know I'll be using the flash on my camera just so I don't end up looking like a ghost especially when doing a heavy makeup look. I'd recommend this for a night out!

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray - £7.00 // Purchase here

Out of all the setting sprays I've ever tried in life, this is the one that I'll keep going back to! It doesn't have a matte finish as it claims but does help set your makeup in place for the day. Tip; Apply this spray before using your primer and after for longevity. 

NYX Born To Glow Illuminator - £7.00 // Purchase here

I love applying this illuminator after I've applied my primer for that super dewy glow. This can be applied after adding foundation but I prefer to apply it before-hand so I can mix it in with my primer to create something truly unique and beautiful. This illuminator is available in different shades so you are bound to find something that suits your skin tone.

NYX Lip Lingerie - £6.50 // Purchase here

Okay so I've recently jumped on the lingerie/lip suede bandwagon and I must say I am definitely late to the party *cries in unicorn tears*. I'd been debating for a while if I really needed another brown lip lacquer as they seem to be the only colour I purchase... But just decided to give in. I purchased a NYX Lip Lingerie in 'Teddy' & a Liquid Suede in Stone Fox. Now if you google 'NYX Stone Fox Swatch' like me you'd be thinking; "What even is this colour?"... However if you've always wanted to try a black lipstick this may just be the next best thing. Below, Stone Fox is the grey liquid lipstick number two from left to right. Applied, it's like a grey/green stone colour and does have great staying power. I just wanted to go for something a little different to what's already in my collection, I'll definitely be back for more!
NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick - £6.50 // Purchase here

 NYX Butter Gloss - £5.00 // Purchase here

Now these have to be my favourite glosses EVER... Like I want to purchase every single brown colour because they're just AMAZING and smell good too! If you ever feel like having a simple makeup day, be sure to include one of these glosses in your makeup look. They're super glossy, makes lips looked plumped and has a staying power of around 2-3 hours. My favourite combo is the NYX Lip Liner Pencil  in 'brown' & the butter gloss in 'Praline'

NYX Wonder Stick - £10.00 // Purchase here

Now if you're not all that into makeup this 3 in 1 is perfect for you. The NYX Wonder Stick has the ability to conceal, highlight and contour all in one little product! For me personally, I like to use this product to conceal and highlight only (I accidentally purchased this in light/medium which doesn't seem to do the contouring job for my tanned skin haha), but would recommend this product to everyone in terms of all it claims to do. It has a creamy finish so you can easily correct mistakes by blend-blend-blending so again great for beginners. 

NYX Jumbo Eye Pen - // Purchase here

I know I have so many favourites from NYX but these pencils have to be my absolute favourite. Check this, I've been using the 'milk' shade in the inner corner of my eyes for nearly 5 years straight! Now that is some serious dedication right? HAHA! This shade is also a great base for eye-shadows helping them pop more, I've also seen youtubers use these as lipsticks!


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