Saturday, 4 June 2016

How To: Make Your Blog User Friendly

Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than a blog that’s difficult to navigate your way through, packed full of unnecessary tabs and full of virtual clutter.
Minimal is definitely a trend at the moment and there's something quite elegant about it. This approach can be applied in the blogging world to ensure your readers can easily access your posts and surf with pleasure. Trust me, there is absolutely no point in making things complicated when they just don’t need to be.

There are thousands of blog templates out there that are chic, minimal and easy to use.  I recommend Pipdig if you are looking for an easy to use template that has a clean, crisp layout. When choosing a layout pick something that doesn’t over complicate things but instead showcases your work. If you can’t find a layout that works for you, purchase a customised template that will give you the freedom to create a layout your happy with.

*Disclaimer- this is not necessarily the cheapest option but if you are looking for an investment then definitely check out your options.

Contact details
If you are a blogger wanting to connect with brands, other bloggers for collaboration opportunity or simply connect with your audience. You need to ensure your contact section is updated regularly with your up to date contact details. Keep this section straight to the point and relevant.  Remember your viewers do not want to be subjected to taking part in a treasure hunt to find your details, make them accessible and easy to find.

Sub categories
Keep your categories to a minimum where possible. Be clear and concise about what each subcategory is called; going for long winded category names is unnecessary. Ensure the content you upload within each category is relevant. No one wants to be searching aimlessly for content that is incorrectly categorised (think about your readers).
I hope this post helps you to maintain a user friendly blog. Happy blogging everyone, please feel free to connect with me on twitter  @stayjoyful_uk and let me know what other user friendly tips you have xx
Sade Stephens
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