Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

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Blogging is not easy, it’s definitely a skill that you get better and better at over time. Hats off to all my fellow bloggers out there, I know how much time and effort it takes to create content that you're happy to publish; round of applause for us all.

When you first started out as a blogger I’m sure no one taught you the rules of blogging... & way back to when blogging first began, there weren't many rules. A blog was just like a diary you posted your thoughts online and "followers" weren't really a thing so it was never a big deal if you made mistakes. New age blogging however has prompted much cause for concern where us bloggers are often worried about how our content will be perceived as it's so easy to come across content these days, good or bad. It’s easy to make mistakes but some mistakes can easily be avoided; the backlash of some mistakes can be more damaging than others. As bloggers we are our own biggest advocates so ensure what you put out there you are happy for it to be viewed.

It’s tempting to just write a post and press publish without proofreading it, proof reading can be an irritant but it’s an important step to take. Your readers don’t want to be bombarded with spelling mistakes and errors. Next time you get the urge to just post, take some time to read through and make any necessary corrects. Trust me you’ll thank me later.

Non engagement
Writing a blog post is only one part of being a blogger, another part of being a great blogger is engaging your readers and others within the blogging community. It cost nothing to comment on another person’s blog post or share content you’ve seen and loved.  Commenting on another person’s blog not only makes the receiver feel great but also serves as a way to get your own blog out there. Invest some time into engaging with your readers and building a good readership through being approachable and friendly.

Social media bashing
Giving your opinion constructively is absolutely amazing, your platform should allow you to give your opinions and challenge other people’s perspectives. A great way to avoid saying something that could have horrible repercussions is to only speak if you have something valuable to bring to the conversation. If you have an issue with someone, not everything needs to be shared on your social media timeline. Remember you are your biggest blog representative, you may not realise it but social media is your unofficial self-advertising tool If you need to have it out with someone pick up the phone, slide into their DMs, let it go or save it until you see them in person.
If you have any advice on blogging mistakes to avoid feel free to share I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Sade Stephens

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