Tuesday, 14 June 2016

All The Designer Collaborations You Need To Know About

Everybody's doing it. It? Collaborating you filthy animal. I've previously mentioned Rihanna's delectable denim collection with Manolo Blahnik and Kenzo's slightly unexpected but very fitting collaboration with Disney's The Jungle Book. There can't be many more, right? Who else is collaborating with who!? Well, like a bought of a very fashionable cold, everyone caught onto the idea and I'm going to tell you about three of the hottest collaborations to keep your eyes peeled for.

NikeLab X Olivier Rousteing 

Image Source: Dazed Digital 

Image Source: Complex 

The creative director and honorary Kardashian (pretty much) already blew everyone's minds with the legendary Balmain X H&M collection in November last year but now he's collaborating as himself (not via the Balmain) name with Nike Lab, on a range of black and gold athletic gear (Sam Sparrow would be proud). Out now via Nike.

Rihanna x Dior

Image Source: Geek Insider 

Image Source: Vogue 

The glorious ultra-chic Parisian fashion house may be creative director-less with Raf Simons leaving recently but just to tide us over...Princess RiRi has debuted a line of Star Trek-inspired sunglasses. At first glance they look as though they'd only suit a select few but mark my words these will be the most talked about sunglasses this year and they will sell out ridiculously fast. In Dior boutiques now.

Kenzo x H&M 

Image Source: Mensxp 

Image Source: Metro

Get your laptop, tablet and phone ready to go on the 3rd November, when the Kenzo X H&M collection drops. Kenzo will join Versace, Alexander Wang, Karl Lagerfeld and the aforementioned Balmain in the designer collaborations with the high-street giant. Think jungle prints, cool silhouettes and the iconic tiger head at more affordable prices. Book your morning off work or plan not go to to uni/school that day - it's going to be big.

Which collaboration are you most excited about?

Cassie Thorpe

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