Sunday, 12 June 2016

A Quick Guide To Studying

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Hi gorgeous people, I hope this week is progressing fabulously for you all. I’ve been bogged down with deadlines for the last couple of months and I’m sure a few of you can relate. Some of you will be coming to the end of your courses, revising for exams and completing coursework or dissertations. I myself am currently working on my dissertation and honestly can't wait to submit it. I feel like I’ve been working on it for ages. Roll on submission day and resuming the element of freedom.

This time of year is often associated with stress and anxiety, below are a few tips on how to make it to the finish line. If you haven't entered the study world yet, the tips below can certainly be applied throughout your study journey.


The key to success in most situations is preparation. Don’t leave things until the last minute because this will increase your stress levels and put even more pressure on you. Complete your assignments well ahead of your deadlines which will give you enough time to proof read and edit your work. For exams, revise often and maximize your time. During your commute use this time to revise, we often waste this time by plugging into our phones. So instead plug into your revision notes and reading materials.

Stay calm, you’ve got this

Don’t doubt your ability when the pressure is on, take a moment to think about how far you’ve come. This is just another hurdle you will overcome. If you have followed the step above, tip 2 should be easy. Do your best and give it your all.

Proof reading

One of the best tips I was given was to print off your work and get a trusted person to read through it for you. There's nothing more tedious than having to proof read your work, getting someone else to assist you can help to highlight errors you may not have noticed. If you have carried out this step ahead of your deadline, you will have plenty of time to make corrections.

Study environment

Create a study environment that is suited to you and ensure your study time is used effectively. Switch off your phone, turn on or off your music depending on what works best for you and get to work. Take regular breaks so that you have a chance to refocus and stay motivated to continue. Don’t forget to refuel your body so that you are functioning at your optimal level.

Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are unsure of something or need further clarification.  There is nothing wrong with saying “I don’t understand.” There is no point muddling through, not having a clue what you are doing when you can simply ask for a little guidance. If you don’t feel you can speak to your tutor, most education providers have on site and sometimes online student support services. Make full use of these support systems.

Good luck to everyone who is revising for exams and completing assignments. You’ve got this. What you have put in will pay off. Have a fabulous week everyone and push towards making your dreams happen.

Radiating positive vibes your way x

Sade Stephens

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