Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Struggles That Every Blogger Faces

Being a blogger isn't always a walk through an atheistically pleasing environment, that apparently every blogger surrounds themselves in!
In reality it can be really hard, and I think occasionally the amount of effort that blogging involves isn't always noticed.

Here's some struggles that every blogger is familiar with.

1. The Struggle Of Bad Lighting 

Bad lighting is every bloggers worst nightmare.
If you can't use the well loved ISO 200 and have to boost it on your camera, you know that you're in for a difficult time and some grainy photos!

Good lighting is what makes a brilliant photo for your blog. You can have the best camera and the most amazing set up, but if you have bad lighting there's literally no point, as you don't want dark and dingy photos.

I'm definitely one of those bloggers that goes to the extreme in ensuring good lighting!
I will wake up super early, have soft box lights on hand if needed, and climb on furniture and move furniture so more light can enter my windows.
I mean at least I'm determined right? The lighting struggle is real! 

2. The Struggle Of Social Media 

Social media is another massive contribution to your blog, and getting the most out of it, you have to have some sort of social media presence at least every day.

Being consistent helps you network with other bloggers and brands, as well as creating more traffic for your blog (which is a whole post in itself).
 This is something I'm not always the best at, sometimes I just don't have anything interesting to say! I've tried scheduling tweets and all that jazz, however personally it didn't feel organic.
If I'm tweeting I like to be present at that date and time, rather than having an app tweet it for me!
Massive props to those bloggers who are social media savvy though.

3. The Struggle Of Interesting Content 

Having content that stands out is hard no matter what you do!
Everything has been done somehow. Let's face it, no-ones content is 100% original. However you shouldn't feel burdened about this.

My trick to beat the blues and create interesting content it to put my own spin on it! Although it may be an idea that's been done before, your opinions and  how you write about it is always going to be different.
As a blogger you have to create your own voice - Which I'm aware sounds incredibly pretentious, but it's true! Add some personality into your writing, trust me it works.

4. The Struggle Of Juggling Your Priorities 

This is a MASSIVE struggle to a lot of bloggers that I know.
I personally juggle a part time job, a full time university degree, a social life, my own blog and writing for Blogging Gals. It's quite literally more than a full time job and takes over my entire life.
It's very rare I have an hour to myself with nothing to do.

You may be thinking "well don't do one of those things", but that's besides the point. I enjoy all of those things - Maybe not so much on writing four 3,000 word essays; but you know, it's a case of prioritising what's most important at that time.
At the minute it's striving to finish my uni deadlines, but in a few months my main priorities will be my job and blogging.
I've promised myself to be super productive in terms of blogging over the Summer. It's a never ending battle, however it's doable! 

What are your blogging struggles? 


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