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How To Reduce Hay Fever Symptoms

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Summer, glorious summer.
After a cold winter, I am certainly looking forward to warmer days. I absolutely love the summer time and I'm encouraged to go out more due to the beautiful weather. However, hay fever makes my summer days a bit of a challenge as I’m often sneezing or suffering from itchy eyes. I’m certainly not the only person who is unfortunate enough to be a hay fever suffer but there are a few things we can all do in order to reduce our symptoms.

Wash your hair frequently
Did you know that pollen clings to our hair? As we go about our day to day lives, the pollen in the air clings to our hair, meaning we are often carrying around pollen leading to the aggravation of our symptoms. By washing your hair frequently this can help to get rid of pollen and reduce our exposure to it. If you are unable to wash your hair frequently, use a satin scarf to cover your hair before you go to sleep; this will reduce the amount of pollen that falls onto your pillow and prevents your symptoms from persisting during the night

Take medication as directed on the packet
Most hay fever medicines recommend that you take the tablet well before going outside. By doing so you allow the medication to be absorbed by your body. I have made the mistake of taking my hay fever tablet right before I go outside and it having no effect at all.

Sea salt nasal rinse
A fantastic way of relieving a blocked nose temporarily is by using a nasal rinse. Sea salt has many benefits and can be simple dissolved in warm water to create a nasal rinse solution. Rinse your nose twice a day to clear out any pollen trapped in your nasal passage.

Keep your home clean
Pollen clings not only to our hair but also our clothes. When you return home each day ensure you store your coats and jackets in a cupboard; your coat will be covered in pollen particles. Hoover your home regularly to reduce the amount of pollen within your home (often brought in on clothes or when you have windows open).

Don’t let hay fever stop you from enjoying the summer. Find some preventative measures that work for you and enjoy having fun. I’d love to know some of your tips for reducing hay fever symptoms. Tweet me @stayjoyful_uk and share your tips with me.

Sade Stephens

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