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How To Get Your Content Noticed

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There are so many different types of blogs out there right now many of which, ran by; talented, consistent individuals. Trying to push what you have to offer and get noticed in a see full of talent can seem like an impossible task, but not for long.

I've rounded up a few top techniques to help you organise your blog, become more involved with the community and most importantly gaining exposure to your blog and brand! I hope these help... 

If you're anything like me and find yourself doing things at the last minute or if you have a really busy work/life balance that leaves your blog looking a tad abandoned, these tips are definitely for you! 

Schedule Posts
Blogger and Wordpress both have options to publish your content at your preferred date and time, and facebook has a schedule post feature you can also take advantage of. These features will definitely benefit both your blog and social analytics, also making it seem like you're more consistent. 

Schedule Tweets
If you don't always have the time to be stuck by your phone interacting, then scheduling your tweets can really help. You don't want to do this too much though, as you want to make sure you leave enough time and space to connect with other influencers and brands.  

I recommend services such as; Buffer, Hootsuite, and Tweetdeck for tweet scheduling. 

Instagram Scheduling
Scheduling for instagram is a little different in comparison to twitter, instead of being able to 100% via the recommended apps, you are prompted to select a picture, include a caption and tags. Hootsuite for example then send a phone/email notification to remind you to upload the picture.

Good sites/apps for scheduling Instagram posts are Hootsuite, Crowdfire/TakeOff App

Twitter Chats
Twitter chats are a great way to gain an insight into blogging & meeting new people. There are many twitter chats that take place on a weekly basis, too many to mention. However, doing a simple google search will help you understand which topics take place on different days & times.

A few different hashtags for bloggers are,

#bbloggers - Beauty Bloggers
#fbloggers - Fashion Bloggers
#fdbloggers - Food Bloggers
#lbloggers - Lifestyle Bloggers
#pbloggers - Parent Bloggers
#hbloggers - Health Bloggers
#tbloggers - Travel Bloggers 

The good ol' power of simply talking to people. If you see people talking about something you love, pop up and express your interest! Or why not start your own topic of conversation? You'll make blogging buddies in no time, not to mention plenty of important contacts.

Again, search the relevant hashtags you're interested in to find a good conversation to join. This allows you to swap blog links, follow new people, get invited to places/be in the loop and much more.

Comment On Content
Everyone loves going on their blog or social networks and seeing that someone has taken the time to appreciate their work. Do the same. Liking, and commenting let's people know what you loved about their post and can help you form friendships. Don't forget to leave your blog link in the comment section so the author can snoop on your blog too!

Checking Blog Statistics
Don't forget to check up on your blog statistics every so often to gauge what your readers enjoy reading. Checking these will also give you an insight to what posts do well and the best times for you to post. 

On blogger you can find your blog statistics in the 'Stats' section, Wordpress by checking your Sparkline or from a Google Analytics plugin (alternatively sign in on Google Analytics on its stand-alone site). I've also heard of a plugin called 'JetPack' for an alternative.

Wordpress has so many different options, but for the sake of simplicity, Google Analytics is pretty good. You can also set up Google Analytics for Blogger, this gives you a way deeper insight into demographics etc. 

Forecasting Trends
This isn't always the easiest part of blogging, but if you are one of the bloggers that likes to post the latest up to date content, this is for you.

Google Trends is awesome for seeing what everyone is searching on google right now. It also allows you to check out what kind of search volume a phrase, celebrity or news article has been getting for example.

Twitter and Instagram are good for seeing what people are into, and potentially what kind of things are going the be the next hot topic. Especially useful regarding fashion or beauty trends.

Don't be disheartened if one month isn't as good as the next for you on your blog. Trends are always changing, that's why it's good if you can be one step ahead!

By following all these steps and being consistent, I know for definite that you will be successful.
Remember though, all blogging journeys are personal and no two are the same. If you blog simply for the love of sharing your writing, do not feel pressured to have to do all of the above! 

Do you have any tips you can share for our fellow bloggers? Leave a comment!


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