Saturday, 7 May 2016

Finding Inspiration For Motivation

Whether your blog is your work, or you work and then blog. Or if you just read blogs after a day at work, there comes a time when you hit a point of feeling completely uninspired.

Uninspired to write a blog post, being too tired to get up for work and being bored of our day to day jobs
– it happens to the best of us.
If you’re currently stuck in a rut, here’s some tips on how to re-motivate and get yourself back on track.

1.     Don’t beat yourself up about it
It’s completely natural to feel run down and even just down in general from time to time.
An overwhelming workload, either as a student or a full time worker, can be enough stress as it is. You’ll only make yourself feel worse if you punish yourself for not managing to achieve everything you set out to achieve.
By telling yourself you’re not doing a good enough job, be it when you don’t have an idea for a blog post or you’re struggling to write an essay, you’re spreading negativity. The only thing a negative mindset creates is a deeper slump.

2.     Believe in yourself
This may sound cheesy and obvious but it’s something many people don’t actually do. Encourage yourself; take the time to appreciate all the good ideas you’ve had. Look back over old work and use yourself as inspiration.
It’s crazy how quickly you forget all of the great achievements you’ve accomplished and how easily you remember all of the bad things.

3.     Take a breather
Whether it’s as simple as closing down your laptop, putting your phone down and going for a 15 minute walk, it’s true that fresh air really does clear your head.
Do something that makes you happy – find a new place to go for a run, sit in the park and take a picnic or even just go to your favourite coffee shop and take some time out.
It might be necessary to take a longer break from the issue that’s causing you to feel uninspired. If you’re stuck for blogging ideas, maybe you need to take a step back for a week for the ideas to come flooding back to you.

There we have it - just three small steps to help you try and get your mojo back.

The most important thing to remember is everybody is different and works in different ways. If you work better at 10pm and you’re happy with that but you’re friend works better at 8am – don’t tell yourself that you’re wrong! Comparison is definitely the thief of all joy and the cause of many people ‘creative slumps’.  Do whatever works best for you and that’s when your best ideas will flourish.

What works best for you when you need a motivational lift?

Jess x

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