Thursday, 7 April 2016

What Makes A Great Blogging Community

Are you a newbie to the blogging world? Or perhaps you've been around for a while now but would like some pointers on how to become an active member of all the blogging communities out there? Whatever the case, we've compiled a list of tips to help you out!

1 // Engaging With Others 

This point is crucial! Of course we want everyone to see our content but it's important we interact with others too. Pushing out your content constantly without engaging with other bloggers can actually have the opposite effect on your blog. So how do you overcome or avoid this? You can meet new bloggers by taking part in twitter chats, looking through hashtags (ex; #BloggingGals, #fbloggers, #bbloggers, #lbloggers) and finding posts you have a genuine interest in, then praising the author/s.

2 // Supporting Communities 

There are many communities out there dedicated to bringing content creators together; FBL, FbloggersRT, The Girl Gang to name a few and of course ours! A lot of hard work goes into running these communities so why not show your appreciation by tweeting them + using their hashtags?

3 // Sharing Content 

How great does it feel when a random blogger RTs, likes or comments on one of your blog posts? Yeahhhh we love it too! So why not do the same? Every once in a while go on the hunt for some content to support and share -  you'll truly make someone's day! 

4 // Recommend a Blogger 

Has a company been in touch with you in regards to an opportunity well suited or not so well suited to your blog? Either way, where possible try and recommend blogging friends who fit assignments and can deliver. This not only shows how much of a great blogging friend you are but also strengthens your working relationship with the brand in question - also putting bloggers in touch with brands is a skill that can be added to your CV! 

5 // Form Your own "Blogging Circle"

There's nothing wrong with having a close group of blogging friends at all, just as long as it doesn't get too clicky! Swap numbers, meet each-other for coffee dates, go to events together but don't forget to always welcome newbie bloggers with open arms and support one another. 

We wanted to do this post to encourage everyone reading this to continue to support one another in the blogging community! We started this community with the intention of supporting and empowering female bloggers across the globe and would love for our very own supporters to continue our work :) 

Did you find this post useful? Comment below, we love hearing from you! 

Team #BloggingGals  

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