Sunday, 10 April 2016

Tommi's Burger Joint Review

We love discovering new places – especially scrumptious fast food places (naughty) that the Beckham’s LOVE! We were invited to Tommi’s Burger Joint a few weeks back and just had to share this gem with you all. The restaurant is based in Chelsea, Kings Road not your typical fast-food location but a great spot to sort-of get away from all the shoppers further down Kings Road. We opted for 1 x chicken burger, 1 x beef burger, 1 x fries, 1 x sweet fries a soda & salted caramel shake. Now, if you’re planning to visit this place ensure you've worked up an appetite because boy ‘oh boy... You are going to be FULL!

Burgers are juicy and full of flavour, our chicken one in particular came equipped with avocado and garlic mayo which made for a killer combination! We’re still dreaming x drooling over this burger haha. The sweet potato fries are also to die for and the portions very generous (you have to get these fries if you plan to visit – let us know if you do). You’ll find yourself just scoffing these fries without realising you haven’t even touched your burger yet – ooops!

We loved how laid back this place was, you simply go up to the till make your order and help yourself to a wide range of never seen sauces (there’s so much choice... Curry ketchup anyone?) 

Not a fan of burgers & chips? No problem - Tommi's Burger Joint do a small range of shakes too. We highly recommend the salted caramel milkshake that will awaken your taste-buds taking them to heaven and back (no really!).

Overall, food was fresh not oily like many other fast-food restaurants and the food served pretty fast by a small team.

Veggie options, & alcoholic beverages are also served at Tommi's Burger Kitchen, view the full menu here. Want to visit this joint in a group of 5 or more? Contact for same day bookings!

Zaineb (Blogging Gals Founder)

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