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Things We Should Have Been Taught at School

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For most of us, we probably spent our childhood hating school. Those compulsory Maths lessons that left us all bamboozled at how to find the missing angle on a scalene triangle - I mean, when was that ever going to be needed in life?

I was definitely with the majority of those who didn't see the necessity of classes such as Chemistry or school in general. Now as I'm heading into my early twenties, I think back on my schooling life and wondered why weren't we taught useful things at school... like what wash to put your clothes on? How to budget your finances, and what to wear for an interview, you know - life stuff.

Here's a list of all the things I think we should learn in school, let me know in the comments if you have any burning suggestions too!

How to Cook

School should really teach us all how to cook, and no, not just on "how to make the perfect breakfast" - and yes my Year 8 Food Tech project was learning how to cook a breakfast. I mean, I am partial to having the occasional bacon sandwich, but it's hardly a life skill. I think if children are taught to cook healthy, practical meals, not only would it help our health, but it would save you SO much trouble in your later life. Most of us, including myself, pack up our belongings and head to university with no idea how to cook pasta, or what a ladle is used for? (I still don't know what a ladle is for.) It's funny until you're eating ham + cheese toasties, and you're 3 stone heavier after Semester 1. 

How to Handle your Finances

Budgeting is another essential life skill that most us quite haven't got to grips with. But there's not just saving we have to deal with as adults, but understanding our taxes, and even applying for mortgages - which are all scary life things. If school focussed more in Business/Finance class, on actually how to be a proper adult then we probably all be a lot better off. My bank balance would love me a bit more too. 

Important Car Stuff

I have to admit it, I'm rubbish with cars. Now, I know most people would turn their noses up at school  at any mention of learning how to change a tire, but it would really save a lot of us. For those of us, who let's just say had crappy driving instructors, some extra wisdom on how to actually run a car would have been useful. I'd appreciate a class on pumping up your tires over Chaucer any day - when was studying Chaucer ever going to help you in life...

Interview Etiquette 

Simple interview etiquette would help most us in, in bagging our dream job. In "Personal Development" classes, instead of learning how to write a basic CV on word, there should be more in-depth workshops. What to wear to an interview, how to make your CV stand out, what is a cover letter and how to make yours great. There's a huge pressure at school for you to head to university, but what about those that want to enter the world of work? Some extra help could have been the difference in you bagging a top-level apprenticeship, or struggling to look for work after school. 

Mental Health 

Mental Health is something I'm very passionate about, and it's something I blog regularly about. When 1 in 4 of us will experience issues with our mental health, why is there not more spoken about during school? The only mention of conditions such as Depression or Anxiety would be brief, and often you would be referred to a 'self-help' guide - which are great for some people. But if we were spoken to at school on how to get help, or where you can go to speak to somebody, then it would tackle the stigmatisation of mental health.

These are just some of my top things I think we should have been taught at school, are there any that you would add? Let me know or even tweet us at BloggingGals.

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