Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Make The Most Of Your Photos

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Hi lovelies, I hope you are all having a fabulous week. OMG it’s April, I can’t actually believe we're almost half way through the year - time is going so fast! I hope you're all experiencing amazing new things and capturing all the memorable moments.

I don’t know about you, but photos are a massive part of my day to day life. Sadly, I don’t take enough photographs of myself due to my current non-existent camera situation; thankfully I have a smart phone. I use my smart phone to capture my experiences on a day to day basis. If you’re like me you’ll be taking pictures pretty much everywhere you go, capturing those important moments; fabulous places, delicious food and gorgeous people. There’s something lovely about looking back at old photos and reminiscing about the good times.

How many times have you taken a photo and sadly lost it due accidentally smashing the screen of your phone, formatting your memory card or losing your USB? It’s so sad when you lose your photos; it almost feels like you've lost your memories forever. Photographs are often the key to our memories and have the ability to trigger our emotions and recollection of events once experienced. I'll be discussing ways in which we can make the post of our photos below :) 

Taking photos has always been a popular pastime, with people paying a fortune to have their images frozen in time. I remember my mum taking Polaroid pictures when I was younger and getting camera films developed. She would then arrange them in beautiful albums for us to look at as a family. I actually want to start creating some photo albums of my own; I have loads of unprinted images that I’d love to one day share with my own children. Recently I came across an old memory card filled with old images and suddenly realised I should print them, or at least download them to my laptop. Many a time, I have rediscovered old pictures and accidentally formatted the memory card and lost them all. Unfortunately I haven’t learnt my lesson and continue to accumulate photos.

Store them for the future
Luckily in the digital age we are a part of, there are a huge number of options to store our much loved photos and keep the memories alive. I say take as many pictures as you can, but don’t forget to find a way to make them last a lifetime.

Here are a few things to consider next time you take a photo:
  • Backup your images to a portable device (additional memory card, USB or hard drive)
  • Sign up to Drop box, Flickr or Photo Bucket
  • Utilize your iCloud
  • Print your photographs off and display them in beautiful frames or albums
  • Turn your photos into a canvas (snappy snap is great for this and not too expensive)
  • Start a blog and use your photos in your posts
  • Create an Instagram account and share your photos with the world

I will be heading to Boots really soon to get some of my photos developed and I suggest you do the same.

Recommendations please…

Before I go, I need your advice. I am on the lookout for a camera and would absolutely love to get your recommendations. Currently I take my pictures on my Sony smart phone, which has served me well, but it just doesn’t have the ability to produce high quality images. I definitely want to sharpen my photography skills and capture high quality moments.
Leave your camera recommendation in the comments section below and tweet me @stayjoyful_uk to let me know which cameras you suggest. I look forward to hearing all of your recommendations.

Happy snapping everyone xx

Sade Stephens

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