Sunday, 24 April 2016

Block Party Cinema Love Jones Review

Block Party Cinema is a pop-up cinema event that specializes in shining a light on black, and multicultural films. We were invited down to watch the 1997 film Love Jones; an unorthodox love story set against the gritty backdrop of 90s Chicago. Despite not finding massive success upon its release, the film has since garnered a cult following due to its relatable take on love.

Seen as Brixton is central south, it was an ideal event for us to review as a duo; anyone who knows Split the City, knows we always have offer extremely diverse opinions.

Nikki's opinion:

As Brixton is not the closest to get to my house I don't tend to venture there as much as I should, since it is a place with so much going on.  Pop Brixton is an absolute gem of a venue and it was perfect for this type of event. Block Party held two screening's, one at 2PM, Love Jones and a second, House Party at 6PM. We opted to see Love Jones, a film I'd previously not heard of.

On arrival you can buy popcorn and pick'n'mix to snack on during the film, alternatively their official food partner is Mama's Jerk. I wish I hadn't eaten before going as jerk chicken is the way to my heart. When you enter the screening room there were giant red beanbags paired with fairy lights; it was so Instagrammable, however they were so comfy that I didn't want to move when the film had ended. And for all you snapchat lovers out there like me, they had their own filter!

Martha's opinion: 

I love Brixton dearly, as I think of it as such a staple of South London's community, hence why I was so happy to see Block Party Cinema packed with such a diverse audience. Pop Brixton itself, which hosted the event, was bustling with families and friendship groups grabbing a bite to eat, and a few drinks, so the whole area had a great vibe.

Walking into Block Party Cinema was really spectacular; their make shift warehouse was decked out with fairy lights, bean bags, popcorn machine, bar...all the trimmings! As it was quite the spectacle, it instantly got me excited for the movie to begin, so I could immerse myself in it. I was really pleased to be sitting down to watch a film I'd never seen before. Due to an interest in cult films I'd heard of it before, but purposely did no research so I had no preconceptions.

The event was started in such a terrific manner; with a performance from two local spoken word artists. The standout was definitely Maggie Spoken Word. Her piece was delivered with conviction and captivated the entire audience, it really set the scene.

I LOVED the film, from the relaxed tone of conversations, to the soundtrack, I thought it was immaculate. Also, at a time where race blind casting in Hollywood is such a poignant topic, films like this should be celebrated for having such a multicultural cast, and making no furore over it; it should be the norm.

I found myself almost upset when the film was over, I didn't want to leave my mega comfy beanbag! I'll definitely by snapping up a ticket for the next Block Party Cinema event!

As you can see us girls over at Split the City really enjoyed this event. Make sure you head on over to @blockprtycinema or their Facebook for future updates.

Lots of love,

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