Friday, 15 April 2016

Archive By Alexa Chung | My Top Picks

Wednesday 13th April saw the release of Archive by Alexa Chung for M&S; a trip down memory lane in terms of M&S's fashion best bits!
The collection is a modified version of some of M&S most memorable pieces, and if you're a vintage lover like I am (loving anything Mod and patterned) then this is the collection for you.
Vogue has released the full collection on their website with the prices, so I've been putting together a wish list of some of the items that have really taken my fancy from the Archive collection! 

(images via vogue) 

ADA BLAZER : £49.50 


 MAE DRESS : £39.50
 LYDIA SKIRT : £29.50
 HARRY TOP : £35 
 ELSIE DRESS : £35.50

So, that concludes my wish list for the Archive by Alexa Chung collection!
I think the 60's style is perfect for Spring/Summer and it's really enlightening to see a collection with so many vintage style pieces. Would you expect anything less from Alexa Chung though?
The collection is already a big hit and hopefully this won't be the last of Alexa's archive collection - Fingers crossed! 

What are your favourite pieces from the collection? 


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