Tuesday, 19 April 2016

An Introduction to High End Skin Care

Skincare is arguably the most important step in your beauty routine, it's the key to flawless skin and achieving a smooth and even base. With so many products on the market, it's hard to know which direction to go in.

Should you be browsing the aisles of your nearest drugstore or visiting the luxurious shelves of Space NK? Of course there is an argument for both, with some great basics available for Boots but here is an introduction into some great skincare brands that are worth investing in.

BAKEL and Grown Alchemist are both brands that are 'free from' and have very organic background, the type of skincare that I recommend using. These brands are free from certain nasties such as perfume, preservatives, silicones and sulfates, meaning those of you with highly sensitive skin should really benefit from using them.

Grown Alchemist is a brand that I was introduced to a few months ago and I have really noticed the changes in my skin. Living in London it's no secret that air pollution is not the best thing for my skin, so I love using this Grown Alchemist because it's focused on antioxidants and double cleansing.

Using their cleanse, detox, activate system it's natural ingredients help to transform and improve the appearance of skin. Not to mention the moisturiser smells divine. Using their creamy cleanser in the mornings followed by the Detox Serum Antioxidant and finally the Hydra-repair day cream: Camellia and Geranium Blossom. This preps my skin for the day, ready to apply my makeup and help to keep my skin clean without being greasy.

The BAKEL Pure Act Water is a life saver after a long day in the office. As soon as I get home, I go straight to the bathroom and remove my makeup with this Pure Act Water on a cotton pad. I love it because it's safe to use on face and the eyes. Perfect for any lazy girls who like me, like using the same products for both. The water helps to sooth, tone and hydrate the skin before I go in with my second cleanse later in the evening.

Throughout the day or on weekends when I'm not really wearing any makeup, I love refreshing my skin with the Hydramist. A new trend which high end skin care such as BAKEL has definitely mastered. With hydrating and anti-ageing benefits, you can keep your skin at it's optimum level throughout the day which can be used even when you are wearing makeup. It also took it away skiing with perfect which kept my skin hydrated on the flight to help avoid any unwanted breakouts.
Let me know if you've used these brands before or what high end skincare brands you love! I'm a little obsessed at the moment to share your recommendations...

Karishma Karim

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