Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Spring Wardrobe Update

As Spring begins to become closer and closer, It's time to start revamping and rearranging our wardrobes, so that we can welcome the new season with open arms and a couple of key wardrobe pieces to see us threw until the Summer! 

I thought I'd give you a helping hand, by sharing some of my Spring wardrobe essentials and how I mix up my Winter clothes and incorporate some of my Winter items into my Spring wardrobe! As Spring time here in the UK is still pretty much freezing, incorporating what you already have into a warmer season comes with an effort that's next to none - It's simply a case of restyling and re-evaluating how you can pair it with different wardrobe pieces! So, let's get into it! 

I tend to shy away from Spring florals and bright colours, simply because I don't find that they fit into my style, however this paisley print blouse from ASOS pretty much brightens any outfit without being too loud! I love the contrast of cobalt blue and jade green, these colours work so well together and although they're colourful, these colours are muted therefore you can get away with wearing them on a day to day basis! You can pair a patterned blouse with pretty much anything, you can pair it with a skirt, tights (if it's still cold!) and some killer pointed boots and you've pretty much got the 70's trend in the bag and the patterned shirt will make your outfit look that little bit more interesting and vibrant! 


Button up skirts, of course! These style of skirts have been massive over the past few months, they're so easy to wear and they add a retro touch to almost any outfit! I've chosen this blue denim one, as I think it's a great alternative to black as we come into the slightly warmer months! You can pair this with a blouse or a T-shirt, pretty much anything! I find button up skirts to be so versatile and easy to style, you can't really go wrong with them! You can wear this on a warmer day with some cute lace up ballet flats and a flowy blouse for those super cute boho vibes! You've got to embrace the sun whilst you've got it! 

I love bodysuits, simply because you don't have the issue of constantly having to tuck your top into your skirt or trousers! They fit really close to the body and they're so on trend! you can get them in so many styles, patterns and colours - The possibilities are endless on how you can style them! I personally love this striped one from Boohoo! The contrast of black and white stripes are colours that you can style with both light and dark bottoms and it's long sleeved so you're still going to get a but of warmth from this piece! 


I absolutely LOVE mom jeans! No matter what the season is, mom jeans are my jam! I find them so flattering as they really synch me in at my waist and put a bit of emphasis on my hips! I have quite a slim boyish body shape, so I love anything that make me look as though there's a bit of shape to my body! I thought these vintage wash distressed mom jeans are the perfect addition to your Spring wardrobe! They're so easy to style, I personally love styling them with a striped top (or even a body) and a chunky vintage style belt and maybe some converse or a pair of classic penny loafers! Mom jeans are a great alternative to skinny jeans and they're just as flattering! 


I absolutely adore Victoria style pieces! I think they're so feminine and pretty, however they have this really elegant vintage twist, which fits into my style perfectly! I think this style is definitely love or hate, some people think I'm dressed like an extra from Call The Midwife, but personally I feel like I should be sipping tea with the Queen! You do you I guess! Blouses like this look so cute paired with an a-line mini skirt! You can even edge the blouse up a little bit by pairing it with a high waisted leather skirt and adding a belt with some embroidery or chunky hardware! I just love playing around with items like this during the Spring and discovering different ways I can style them! 


Finally onto an item that I literally don't think I couldn't live with this not being in my wardrobe! It's this amazing vintage Levi jacket! I purchased this a few Summer's ago from a local vintage shop! It's really oversized and slouchy on me, however I simply love it! I wear this so much coming into the festival season, this jacket holds a substantial amount of memories! If you don't want to buy a second hand jacket, there's plenty of vintage washed denim jackets on the likes of ASOS and Topshop as we come into the spring! You can style this with girly summer dresses and skirts for a really cool 90's vibe, or you can really make it 'girl next door chic' by adding a pair of black skinnies, converse and a ringer tee - Perfectly effortless in every way! 

So that concludes my Spring wardrobe update! I hope you've gotten some inspiration how how to vamp up your wardrobe for Spring! See you guys soon! 


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