Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Importance of Supporting Other Bloggers

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“Support her to reach her goals whilst working on yours” personal quote by me x

Let's first start by defining the word 'Support'- to give assistance; give approval, comfort or encouragement; be actively interested in the success of another- oxford dictionary definition

As some of you may already know I have a massive passion for empowerment. Hence my future aspiration to become a life coach and continue to support people in vast areas of their lives. I have a genuine love for seeing someone else’s dream become a reality and I enjoy being part of the process. When you see someone’s humble beginnings grow into something amazing, it really does make you feel proud and happy for them. I am so inspired by other women pushing for their goals and making steps to get closer to their dreams. My personal goals and dreams are just as important to me as giving assistance to someone else and I continue to work on them along side helping others. Supporting someone else doesn't take away from my goals but actually inspires me to continue to move forward with mine.

The support of other bloggers and blogging communities has definitely helped me in my journey and allowed me to grow in confidence as a creator of content. There were many things I had no clue about when starting, but the amazing support I received helped me figure it out. Blogging communities are fantastic tools that allow others to experience your content, they are huge support systems that value content and the creators. Whether you are new, experienced or a pro definitely get involved with blogging communities and connect with other creators. Be open to receiving support and giving support to others. Bloggers have supported me with promoting content, giving valuable feedback and encouraging me to continue to create.

Let's unite
Ladies it’s time for us to unite together and support each other a little more. When your supporting someone else you can still continue to grow your goals as well (I think that’s important to add in there). This week I have spoken to a few people on this topic. There seems to be some reservations about helping and supporting others. One person commented “if I'm helping other people I wont have time to work on what I need to achieve, therefore I'm not helping anyone but myself”. We spoke for a while about why she felt like that. It boiled down to a past experience where someone took advantage of her kindness. Ladies, please don’t be put off supporting other females based on past experiences. Kind words of encouragement cost you absolutely nothing and can really boost the self esteem of another female. As content creators we are not always sure of how people receive our content, so its nice sometimes to get some encouragement or supportive tips to help us develop. If you have a skill share it with others, lend them a hand or simply have a supportive chat with them. Less of the being in competition with others and more of pushing each other to do better.

Show your support
The internet and social interactions in general gives us fantastic opportunities to support other female bloggers in a variety of ways. There are a few ways you can support someone else without taking away from your aspirations:
  •  Support others selflessly without thinking about what is in it for you
  • Have their goals in mind and understand their vision
  • Offer constructive criticism to help them move forward
  • Support them to reach their goals  whilst continuing to work on yours
  • Be honest
  • Be there to listen
  • Offer words of encouragement
  • Be genuine with your intentions
  • Suggest ideas
Support comes in so many different forms and sometimes just requires your time and effort. Next time you read a blog post or connect with a female blogger, take a little time to support them. Leave a comment on their post, share their content, tweet them a well done. Help others, work on your dreams and become a supportive network for someone else. Lets all support each other to grow.

Radiating positive vibes your way xx

Sade Stephens

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