Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Beauty Blender

Essentially The Beauty Blender is a makeup sponge, before I tried this I was wondering why there was so much hype around it, but now it is something I use every time I apply makeup. I don't just use this sponge in one way, one thing I really love is that it almost becomes customisable to your needs. I can achieve a really full coverage, light coverage and blend so many different products, it has become a staple in my travel makeup bag.

My favourite way to use this is by dampening the sponge and using small strokes to blend my foundation around my face. Around my eyes and on any blemishes I use this differently to provide a flawless looking coverage from my concealer, by using gentle dabbing motions a really full coverage and flawless finish can be created. This sponge is really bouncy and lightweight which makes it a lot easier to work with my foundation. I also love using this to blend cream contour, it really helps to stop any harsh lines that I find I always used to get when I used a brush, this is a must for anyone wanting to contour in a more natural way. Compared to other sponges I've tried doesn't soak up too much product, so you won't be waisting as much foundation.

I didn't think that the longevity of my base would be affected by using this, but my foundation seems to last longer throughout the day when I apply it with the Beauty Blender, I have oily skin so anything that can make my base last longer is a winner! By using this my foundation is streak free and looks lovely and natural.

Basically if you don't already have a Beauty Blender or are yet to try it then you need to give it a go. It isn't cheap, but it is something that will work with a whole host of different base products and change the look and feel of your makeup.

                                                     Jodie Melissa // 

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