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Latern Sense x Vin & Omi Fashion Week AW16 Shows / Plus Trends to Look Out For This Autumn

(sourced via Pop PR)

On Monday the 22nd of February I was lucky enough to attend two shows for London fashion week, the first was for Latern Sense and the second for Vin+Omi. I absolutely loved both shows and would highly recommend both designers.

Readers tip -- Although we are coming into spring the collections for fashion week shows are always shown a few months in advance, so February/ March for the Autumn Collections and September/October for the Spring Collections. This is so buyers from your favourite clothing shops can see what that seasons trends seem to be, allowing them to begin the process of preparing stock for the following season incorporating elements from the designers’ lines into high street fashion.   It also gives press and bloggers a chance to prepare for trends before they happen, which is very handy for stylists or anyone involved in the fashion industry. 

Latern Sense
Founded just over two years ago in Hong Kong by Lala Yang and Trevor Ng Latern Sense is a fairly new contemporary women's wear brand that has already gathered international recognition. The AW16 collection ‘The line between expression’ sees the brands d├ębut at London fashion week. The collection was heavy inspired by the early 90’s commercial grunge scene and the works of the abstract expressionist artist Mark Rothko

AW16 Catwalk Looks:
(all photos for Lantern Sense sourced via Fashion Scout )

The collection showed Ng’s awareness and expertise in tailoring showcasing the 90’s grunge edge but keeping it clean cut with different textures and oversized pieces. You can see the Rothko influence in the strong earthy block colours vary from greens, browns and reds into the more neutral tones of the creams and tans.

The collection also seemed to take a nod towards pleats and eyelets adding an edge to fairly structured and often monochromatic pieces.

Latern Sense’s clean lines and modern tailoring paired with a close attention to detail certainly make it a brand to watch.

Want to know more? Check out the Latern Sense website here for more information and a list of their stockists.

Vin + Omi
In 2004 Vin and Omi began their journey by joining forces in an experimental collaboration under the label Squirky creating high end fashion latex garments. After receiving an award from The National Endowment for Science and Technology for a new latex fabric, the pair were soon working on many collections challenging the modern concepts of wearable fashion and incorporating latex into wearable pieces for both men and women. 

AW16 Catwalk Looks:
(all photos for Vin+Omi sourced via Pop PR)

 The avant garde AW16 collection Colourotic showed a bold forcefulness of colour with many gorgeous colours inspired by their close connection to CND the global nail company. Keeping true to their past innovations there were many elements of latex type fabrics fitted beautifully to the models creating strong sleek silhouettes.

The collection had strong theme of block colours with all the accessories, shoes and hair tied in beautifully to a monochromatic scheme with different textures and points of interest to look at.

Want to know more? Check out the Vin+Omi website here for more information and a list of their stockists.

Shared trends between the two shows:
After seeing both these shows I would definitely say there are were three strong themes connecting the two very different collections. The main thing I noticed was a fairly monochromatic colour scheme. Although Latern Sense had more neutral earthy tones while Vin + Omi had much bolder brighter colours, each completed outfit itself seemed followed a very similar colour theme. The accessories, bags and shoes were rarely more than a few shades of colour away from the main clothing pieces.  

Another strong similarity between the two were different textures of fabric in one outfit. Personally I think this adds the point of interest as the colour schemes are very similar. It allows you to be more experimental with different fabrics as the colours all tie in with one another.

Lastly I noticed a strong nod toward oversized but tailored outerwear. In both shows the coats and jackets all seemed to be well structured and tailored around the shoulders going into a looser boxer fit for the body.  

What to look out for this year concerning autumn/winter fashion in a nutshell!
·         Monochromatic colour schemes
·         Different textures and fabrics in one outfit
·         Oversized but structured outerwear

Thanks for reading!

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